ENB High Quality graphic for PES2011 by Jenkey1002 ENB High Quality graphic for PES2011 by Jenkey1002

Infomation :

– More sharpen & better color
– Better light effect
– Recommended for High Quality graphic

Install :

– Extract & copy to pes2011 installed folder
– Now run game & enjoy graphic

Note : Compatible with all graphic cards & all patches

Mirror 1, Mirror 2

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  1. dear admin
    why you dont post my link ???
    An editing community cannot work successfully if no one hear the author’s repect

  2. Jenkey1002 , your work and others is on so many PES sites and forums. Every site and forum members will add their links, the links they want. PES-Patch.com is in a way that many people don’t like. This is us and always will be. Besides that, we are not the first or the only ones that are promoting things with other links that makers have.

    People can download your patch from your blog or other sites.

    PES-Patch.com respects all patchers work and always gave credits to the patchmakers. But we mirror links for few reasons. Blogspot.com, wordpress.com is free to host and manage but we are not a blogspot free blog. Like PESEdit (and others) we need resources to maintain us online. We have also a forum where many patchmakers added their patches and we never mirrored in their thread the download links. We just mirror in the main site. Main site is mirrored, forum is not. This way people can choose to go on forum to download mediafire and adfly (for example) but on main site is not self managed like the forum.

    I hope you understand, thanks.

  3. yes, I understand about that. This’s great site and most of people prefer it.
    But glad if you can put my link beside yours. With me it’s good cooperation.

  4. helo jenkey,

    i’ve tested, and disapointed…
    lack of colors, too bright. not really good.
    i think it’s lack of saturation…

    any fix?

  5. @andra : I think it depends of kind of graphic card and monitor (HD ,vga,led,lcd)
    each graphic card ,AMd and nvidia have differents colors and bright settings
    for exemple , on my laptop (15,6 ” 16:9 HD LED LCD) when I use this patch , colors are perfect like real life ! … but when I use on my TV 1080p HD ? THERE IS A BUG different , to bright , lack of colors like you said

  6. @Tunizizou:
    i’m using HD4870 512 MB. 17″ Samsung CRT.
    i can play PES 2011 on MAX setting, no problem…
    i’ve used “enb series – SATURATED GRAPHICS MODE!!”, there’s NO PROBLEM.
    but, why with Jenkey’s ENB patch, not working well?? i wonder…
    is it a BUG, like u said?