PES2011 MSL Patch 1.0

PES2011 MSL Patch 1.0

PES2011 MSL Patch 1.0

PES2011 MSL Patch 1.0 Features:

* DLC 7.00 compatible.
* KONAMI Official Patch 1.03 compatible.
* Including English Premier League, Malaysia Super League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Seria A and nPower Championship.
* For Malaysia Super League, there are 14 teams with real line-up. Same thing goes with Bundesliga and nPower Championship.
* Add Malaysia team in Asia Oceania.
* Added DLC 7.00 boots.
* Corrected all MSL Emblem.

How to Install ?

Follow this simple steps :

* Extract all the file and you’ll get three file : kitserver.part1.rar, kitserver.part2.rar, and save.rar.
* Extract kitserver.part1.rar and kitserver.part2.rar in your kitserver folder. Make sure you DELETE all previous files in the kitserver folder before you start extracting.
* Extract save.rar in your save folder in My Document. Overwrite all the files.

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