I was one of those having problem ” don’t send ” with pes edit patch 1.7
I tried all things and i found the way to get rid of this disturbing message.

First : (KRUN.exe)

* Go to your kitserver and delete krun.exe file
* Download THIS one and put it in kitserver folder
* Download THIS txt and put it in kitserver folder
* Open this txt and change the location of the game ” Picture 1

Second : (register)

* Download THIS and put it in pes11 folder

* Press right click and edit ” Picture 2
* Change the location of the game like this pic ” and don’t forget ( // ) not ( / ) ” ” Picture 3
* Open register ” Picture 4 ” .

Hope it work to all of you. mado.a

* here: PESEdit 2011 Patch 1.7.1

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  1. OK…this is not exactly crash but I can not play the game! The game does not open…How do you call this happen? Is it Crash or not?? I erase my save files and also can not play the game and does not open the game. If you know something please give me information Ok?

  2. it’s not working and it will not work cause there’s a problem with the “EDIT.bin” file in the save folder.. i have seen and experienced it..

  3. If you can’t save your Master League and Become a legend, you can fix it easily. Go to Pes Edit Selector>Switches, and then select ML/BAL 1

  4. Please let me for some help with 2 months probavam to install the patch el clasico if siomeone can help me please how to install the patch el clasico please if you can nstall a video please