* Redesigned the main interface to be more user friendly.
* Added the ability to edit the formation screen icons. It has taken me a while to work this out.

There are now only 16 unknown bytes in the param file. Call me sad but I want this to be a complete editor.

Can anyone hep me out?

Thanks and happy editing.


Here’s another new version


* Added the ability to read the param file (unnamed_1827.bin) from Konami’s 1st dlc.

* Added ability to relink teams to kits in dt0f.img also from Konami’s 1st dlc.

The field “Kit Type” has three possible values:

0 > Relink to dt0c.img
1 > Relink to dt0f.img
255 > Kit not licensed

For example setting “Kit Type” to 1 and “Relink” to 50 is England’s slot in dt0f.img (2023 – 2024).

* Added the ability to read the team names from the text file “teams.txt”. Bolloxmasta asked for this and it’s a great idea. Just make sure your teams.txt is in the same folder as the editor. I have included a sample list in the zip.

* Added “Unknown Bytes” tab. Can anyone work out what these bytes do?

* Added Sleeve Badge position values

* Added edit mode Back Name colour value

* Added edit mode Back Name font selection value

* Added edit mode Back Number colour value

* Added edit mode Back Number font selection value

* Added edit mode Emblem On/Off value

If you want to help me out, please try and work out what the few remaining bytes do. Once we do, we will have a complete editor.

Please report any bugs here. Thanks and happy editing.


Here is the latest version of my PES2011 Xbox/PS3 Param Editor.

The main change is that you can now edit the edit mode kits.

This is only useful for the following:

# Formation screen ‘cirlce’ pattern and colours.

# Radar and undershorts colours

# If you actually want to alter the edit mode kits instead of using a licensed kit slot

Big thanks to txetxu for sending me some superb info about the param file. Thanks also to bolloxmasta for help and encouragement

As usual please let me know if you find any bugs. Happy editing!

The plan for the next version is to introduce an ‘unknown bytes’ tab which will show all of the remaining bytes in the param that we have not yet identified. Hopefully this will make it easier to spot patterns.


I am in the (very) early stages of coding a PES2011 Param Editor specifically for the PS3 version.

Can anyone help me out with more information about the param file itself? Which byte does what? Any information is welcome

Thanks guys

OK so here’s the first release if anyone would like to try it out. Big thanks to Bolloxmasta for the superb param info and xbox confirmation.

For the first version I have kept things simple and plan to add more values in later versions.

Please make a backup of your param file before you let my code loose on it as there may be some bugs.

PS – you need .net4 for this to run.


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