PES 2011 Kit Server

LOD mixer
– added ability to enforce picture quality (Low,Medium,High).

If your PC has one of the mainstream videocards, then most likely you will not need this feature. However, for some less popular cards, the game (and the settings.exe) may fail to correctly determine their true capabilities, and block you from choosing “Medium” or “High”, even though your card is perfectly able to render those. If you are one of those lucky folks, then this new lodmixer can be useful to you. If so, say thank you to Pedro100, who lobbied tirelessly for this feature

If you try it and your game crashes, or your computer freezes, then it is an indication that your video card cannot support the picture quality you chose. Try a lower setting instead.

To set specific picture quality, use picture.quality option in [lodmixer] section of your config.txt. Values are: 0 – Low, 1 – Medium, 2 – High. For example, to set quality to High:

picture.quality = 2

Download PES 2011 Kit Server + LOD Mixer Update

Kitserver v11.0.3.2

Supports: PES 2011 demo, 1.0, 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03 game versions.

The following modules are included:
– afs2fs: manage your BINs in folders – simple and easy, multiple roots supported
– speeder: adjust the game speed to your liking
– sides: freely select sides in cup and league competition
– lodmixer (EXE 1.0 not supported): fine-tune the visual presentation of the game
– kserv (1st and 2nd kits only, EXE 1.0 not supported): organize kits for teams in GDB.

please read the documentation on how to install/use Kitserver 11. It is different now from
the previous version. There is no manager.exe program anymore, and you do not attach
kitserver to the game EXE, but instead you run the game under Kitserver, using krun.exe tool

If you are using a patch that has kitserver renamed to some other folder (like “PESserver”, for example), then you may
need this updated krun tool:

Detailed documentation here:

Enjoy PES 2011 Kit Server version LOD Mixer Update by Juce !

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  1. i don’t see any pics quality in option in [lodmixer] section of your config.txt. Values are: 0 – Low, 1 – Medium, 2 – High. For example, to set quality to High:

  2. how do u change to a different jersey cus i don’t know the keys to do that. should i run the krun or pes2011.exe? i need to change jerseys badly

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  4. very well mates thanks a lot, i have a popular video card but it rendered cod mw2 and battlefield, but it run pes in low because it has 64 mb, but in other games they runned in highest with no lags