PES 6 Shollym Patch 2010-11 Winter Update + Classic Patch

– Option file with complete winter transfers
– New kitserver with lots of new faces, kits, balls and boots
– New stadium pack in which many stadiums have HD turf
– New scoreboards pack (it is located in classic patch switcher)
– A classic patch with best teams in football history



Option file:

Classic patch switcher:

KITSERVER 2011, February:

STADIUMS 2011, February:

PLEASE read the Read Me files when you download the patch.

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  1. Hi,
    many thanks for this magnificent patch! I always thought PES6 was the best game ever, but with this Shollym twist the gameplay rocks bigger and better then ever before. It plays like a freakin’ dream if ya ask me. Thanks for all the hard work and effort you guys put into this patch. Shollym, you and your team deserves the status of legends from now on. Big up from the Netherlands.. keep up the brilliant work!!

  2. Thank you for your comment in the name of Shollym, we all hope that he and his team will continue to make high quality patches like this for the best version of PES!

  3. Instalirao sam ovaj update i sad imam problema sa dresovima napoli dresovi od mesine i tako to nisu pravi ostalo je sve ok a u prosloj verziji ovog patcha znaci prije ovog februarskog update sve je najbolje radilo jel zna ko sta je problem da rijesim pls patch je odlican pucam sa jaranima po cijele dane :D

  4. can this computer run pes shollym patch
    pentium4 3.0 GHz
    RAM 1 Gb
    graphic card intel(R) 82945G express chipset family 128 Mb

  5. RAM and processor are good but your graphic card may be a problem. Could you tell me on what type of details do you play normal PES6, low, medium or high?

  6. Great Great Great patch! But I have a question..I saw the personalized boots and everything but how can I change them and assign them to other players?For example Ronaldinho to have black Nike instead of white..Is there a trick like page down for stadium and ball selector?thanks

  7. Sizzerb: i play pes6 on medium details…..
    i am using winter option file…..emblems and faces are not correct but thank you…better option file than nothing..
    Can i use kitserver to have correct faces and emblems…is my graphic card also to weak for kitserver….thank you :)

  8. @leg6 Well you can try it, maybe it might work with 3D analyzer :)

    @traindreams sorry, i dont know how to change boots for specific player

  9. Another thing..I know that’s so early to ask but will u make patch for 2011-2012 season as well?and so on so on?I would love that..U’r the best!

  10. hey guys…. i installed the legend patch and than the shollym patch update..and now i have the wrong chants..for example they support dynamo kiew when i play with ajax …what can i do?

  11. This update is almost perfect..It would be perfect if i could change the boots and assigned them to different players..if anyone knows…pls tell me :(

  12. Does this patch need the “PES 6 Shollym Patch 2010-2011” to be downloaded also or is this alone sufficient , bec the FileFront links on “PES 6 Shollym Patch 2010-2011” aren’t working

  13. you are awesome….. thx its agreat patch put thir is some lag in the game ? do you know why ? may be because my pc is weak as you say or thir is a soluotion ? any way thx for Your help :)

  14. lastimosamente no se hablar ingles pero necesito ayuda… instale el parche y esta super bueno pero el unico problema que tengo es que no puedo colocar el tiempo ni el marcador del partido, ya que se solo se ve una barra blanca como si fuese un error… habra alguien que pueda ayudarme … no obstante hize todo la instalcion al pie de la letra y descargue todos los archivos…

    Espero su ayuda claro si entiende español

  15. Guys I have a problem…i have the patch but the e_text isnt in english it is in an other language and it annoys me…can you put a link for an english e_text please?? i need it…thanks


    there u go

  17. i have it too but have you noticed the speaking language?
    the commentator speaks in a strange language and only the names are in english…what can i do? i’m very disappointed…

  18. I have the normal english language commentary working without any problems but i dont use this e_sound, I use e_sound fifa commentary. U can download it from here:

  19. Your files are ok…but I installed a file x_sound and I think this is the mistake…but now for some reason it cant be uninstalled..but ok thanks for everything guy…

  20. (even though I’ve deleted the x_sound file,it is something like patch and its always there,in the game,despite I put other e_sound files…i may have confused you…thanks again…)

  21. I think that easiest thing would be if u remove entire patch and install it again witjout putting x_sound, u have tutorial here how to install the patch and this one for update

  22. Wow,great patch and thankyou.When playing in the master league with Liverpool I dont get their chants.I get some south american or spanish chanting.Is this normal as the chants for home team work in exhibition mode.Is there a fix for this?

  23. It’s a well known issue with the patch, you need to set up chants for your team manually in Master League, this will help you to do that: If you have any other questions feel free to ask ;)

  24. Thanks again Sizzerb,just one more question,x_sound update 2011 theirs no mention of this file in the tutorial,what does it do exactly?

  25. x_sound serves for commentary, for example, if you don’t like the current commentator you just download the commentator you want and u patch him over the x_sound with DKZ studio and then u put it in the game but first u change the letter (if u downloaded an english commentator u need to change x_sound name to e_sound, if u downloaded french commentary u change x_sound name to f_sound, etc.) (little hard work). But 99% of users are playing with FIFA commentary so no need for x_sound. Enjoy ur game! ;)

  26. Ah I see,im quite happy with the fifa commentary so will give that a miss,although ive always beeen tempted by the japanese commentary Goooooaaaaaaaallllll!!! lol thanks for the reply Sizzerb

  27. This patch is really cool. Actually Pes6 is one of the best Pes ever made, but i got tired of playing it years ago. Now i got back to it again and thanx to this patch I’m able to enjoy it once again and now this is even better than Pes 2011.

  28. pes 2011 is better but konami has a lot of big very big mistakes and stupid mistakes in the gameplay for example the shooting.The shooting is so terrible and stupid that you can t shoot on target(between the posts) if some players are next to your left and right.So the shooting is very unprecious.

  29. how to install this and where to put the stadiums(english)
    kako da instaliram i gdje da ubacim stadione(bosnian)

  30. Sizzerb I’ve got a problem When I open the balls the game The game stops and i don t know what to do please answer my question

  31. OMG, I can’t say anything ’bout this patch. This patch is relly awesome!!!
    Thank’s to Shollym Team…

  32. siz sorry for the off-topic but have u tagged me on one of your posts on fb? because i had one notification that u tagged me but i couldn’t see anything when i clicked on it…

  33. Is there any PES6 OF with the updated Portuguese League?

    PS: Having tons of fun with this awesome patch! x) Hope to see another great work like this soon!


  34. please anybody help me in small problem

    after format my computer and install new copy win xp
    some faces for players do not work like ( di maria , Higuaín , ozil , Busquets) , before install win xp all faces were well worked

  35. @PaEsc this is the patch with only best clubs in the world but next time there will be two versions of the patch, one with all club team and one with all national teams so u can expect more german and french teams.

    @danny no.


    @kengin No, u just download and install kitserver and stadiums from Winter Update.

  36. Shollym are you making pes6 2011/2012 patch, if you are when it’ll be released. thank you .Shollym is the best :)

  37. may i ask something does this patch really works because i have tried but it doesn’t work can somebody help me please