The Devastating Patch 2011 by HaMaDa UaFa

1 – latest World Transfers so far
2 – new balls very wonderful
3 – the latest adboards
4 – Very cool Score Board
5 – Modify full stadiums and add some new stadiums
6 – change rulers rulers natural meanings in terms of shape and clothing
8 – modify the energies of the players to be realistic
9 – the latest cdvep
10 – change the shape of the game to the most beautiful
11 – modified on full patrol
12 – change the music to the latest
13 – modify some encouragement to some of the teams and teams
14 – the latest squad for months and the difference Almtakbat
15 – modify some of the Arab national teams
16 – change the color of the net
17 – Added new gloves for the guards
18 – change media alchornnat
19 – Change of photographers entered the field
20 – add some tattoos for most players

* copy Konami folder in “My Documents”
* copy kitserver folder where PES is installed.

1-احدث الانتقلاة العالمية حتى الان
2-كور جديدة رائعة جدا
3-احدث اللوحات الاعلانية
4-اسكوبورد رائع جدا
5-تعديل كامل على الملاعب و اضافة بعض الملاعب الجديدة
6-تغير الحكام بحكام حقيقين من حيث الشكل و الملابس
7-تعديل كامل على المسترليج و اللعب الواحد
8-تعديل طاقات اللاعبين الى الواقعية
9-احدث الاحدذية
10-تغير شكل اللعبة الى الاجمل
11-تعديل كامل على الدوريات
12-تغير الموسيقى الى الاحدث
13-تعديل بعض التشجيعات لبعض الفرق و المنتخبات
14-احدث التشكيلات لاشهر الفرق و المتخبات
15-تعديل بعض المنتخبات العربية
16-تغير لون الشباك
17-اضافة قفازات جديدة للحراس
18-تغير اعلام الكورننات
19-تغير المصورين من دخل الملعب
20-اضافة بعض اوشمة اللاعبين لاشهر الاعبين


  1. I Hamada UaFa maker project thank you for your responses to the beautiful and stay tuned for more to me email me this mobile number 0183225467 and this Alamil Hamadaronaldokk @ yahoo. Com

  2. how come when i edit the league structure, the teams santander libertadores teams changes into AUSTRIA , not only ony 1 team

  3. that emblems are awesome.
    i have them in mey pes too.
    but i will download this ‘devastating’ patch too.

    it seems very good

  4. Even though the patch is second to none when it comes to modifications and improvements all that however didn’t hide the instability of the patch. The Edit menu keeps crashing and stacking! Even at team selection, the screen gets stack and stays forever which gives me no option other than restarting the system!!
    I’d have to admit that I really liked the graphics and HD emblems though But again what’s the point if it’s not stable enough and bug free!!
    Thanks for your efforts anyways, hope we see something a bit stable in your next editions!

  5. This is the bets patch for me, i have been playing this all these days instead of pes edit 0.4! now thats aying something. ive found it smooth simple ..good player appearance. I havent had any problems, sure i will edit the chelsea wallpaper lol with Liverpool menus. i really like this! i never thought id move away from pes edit .

  6. please make a new patch of this man?? its the best ! i love this! but its just too fast …the passes are like 100 mils per hour.
    BUT the music ..awesome! whats the name of the music that replaced “Rhinestone Eyes” – Gorillaz ?? its in Spanish i think? …thats mad track! i love it.
    please someone help me here whats the name of that song?