PES 2011 Editor v1.1 by w!Ld@

PES 2011 Editor v1.1 by w!Ld@

PES 2011 Editor v1.1 by w!Ld@

latest changes:

* fixed bugs with special cards
* improved work with CSV exports from PES 2010 Editor ( cards conversion to 2011 format, loading of CSV etc. )
* improved global adjusting of A/D awareness
* removed function to generating new players ( not working properly )
* new list of callnames ( thx goldorakiller )
* new list of chants ( thx gigimarulla )
* other small improvements


* installed .NET Framework (at least version 3.5)

hint: if you have problem with FM converter:

1. enable “Use integer instead float…” option in tab “Settings”
2. click “Save” button
3. restart editor

thanks to:

* krejik, goldorakiller, GOAL, davidecit, Tommsen, gigimarulla, PATe.Arminia, Kenny, zioborgo, seresak, pita007, vlada, skip-br, mosu90, compulsion, SMcCutcheon, FCH, Inas, seraph, -Panos-, Patros46, MxSoniC, arianos10, Blazor, idsaturn, Nrby, DeFrenZ, hio, joserruiz … and anyone forgotten ;-)

Special thanks to my girlfriend for the 6 years of patience with PES editing!

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