PES 2011 Become A Legend Editor by EPT-TEAM [v2.2.104]

PES 2011 Become A Legend Editor [v2.2.104] PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM [v2.1.126] PES 2011 Become A Legend Editor [v2.2.104] by EPT-TEAM

* added hidden attributes

* this version changed its title to “PluginInvoker – for EPT Tools”, and its default size was changed.

* watch video tutorial.

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  1. Sorry for my English.
    and and ask something unrelated to the post.

    I wonder how to install one and a Bootpack ballpack.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. (suponho que sejas português, por isso vou-te responder como tal)

    1. Tens que sacar o AFS EXPLORER
    2. File -> Import AFS FILE
    3. Escolhes um ficheiro bin da pasta img (C:/Programas/KONAMI/Pro …/img)
    escolhes o que estiver no patch, normalmente os ficheiros unnamed XX vêm dentro de uma pasta (ex.dt0c), então abres esse ficheiro na pasta do pes .
    4. Depois de abrir, Action -> Export folder e exportas para o Desktop
    5. Vais à psta do patch (bootpack ou ballpack) e fazes copy dos ficheiros unnamed dentro da pasta com o mesmo nome do ficheiro que abriste no passo 3 para a pasta que foi para o desktop (FULL_AFS_FILE_DUMP)
    6. Action -> Import Folder e importas essa pasta novamente para o programa (agora já com os ficheiros novos), depois vai pedir para fazer rebuild (Carregas sim) e metes o nome (o mesmo do ficheiro que abriste no passo 3) e guardas no desktop .
    7. Quando pedir qualquer coisa para fazer loaded carregas não .
    8. Quando exportar e importar tudo é só copiares o ficheiro img que está agora no desktop para (C:/Programas/KONAMI/Pro …/img)

    NOTA : Tens que fazer isto para todas as pastas que venham dentro do bootpack ou ballpack, só assim funcionará correctamente.

    Espero ter ajudado

    (Se tiveres alguma duvida deixa aqui novamente comentário que eu tento ajudar)


  3. Yess i talk about BAL editor this program don’t work and i don’t know why :(( i need help pleas if you know how i can this make pleas tel me

  4. Coult sombody help me for my qeustions. I want to now how to make the teamwork skill better. please somwhone help me. I need then becaus when i make the teamwork skill better become in BAL pes 2011 a captain.

  5. I’ve got a problem
    Whenever a play taking points Teamwork to play even up to 72 and stop at that number and when it comes to the second season does not pay in large sums of money I do not know the reason ?

  6. ok i have a problem i go to become a legend then open my player carreer then open bal editor click on load game but it opens another player from honduras whos 43 years old and it wont open my player.
    some one explain how to instal the bal editor please cause i dont speak portuguese so i dont know how to install it

  7. mauflo81 Estoy a esperar pelo nuevo editor.
    Answers in spanish,portuguese or english So anyone know when it will launch one that works with patch 1.02?
    Thank you guys…

  8. NEW Updated Editor v3.0.100
    Long time no see… This time I just make it support PES2011 v1.02, nothing new here.
    Usage: Select your game version and than click “Read” button. If you forget to select the version before your clicking “Read” button, no matter, just select the right version and than click “Read” again, there is no need to restart this editor, may you a good time!

  9. I used this and now my shirtname wont show up in full.My name is Reina in the game and Only the R SHows,how do i make it all show?.I tried everything I can.Plz reply and thank you in advance

  10. Daj brate objasni malo na srpskom da te razumemo jer ovo cudo nece da radi imam i glupi net framework 4 al okvario sam sad sejv aman!! daj pomozi kako da se koristi. poz