PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM [v2.1.126] PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM [v2.1.126] PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM

PES 2011 BAL Editor by EPT-TEAM v 2.1.126 :

1. Many nationalities are appended.
2. S01~S04 can be edited now.
3. Used sideway.
4. Fixed some bugs.

English version also updates!
This version fixed some bugs and a few functions are appended.
1. It can edit the player’s nationality.
2. Fixed the bug which we can’t cancel any exists position of the player.
3. Append a default position changed tip for the changing coach mode.

Notes: This editor can only support PES2011v1.01 (just the game’s version, not the data pack version), and it needs your name of the game process is “pes2011.exe”.

Usage: Go to the main menu of BAL, switch to the editor and click the “LoadGame” button leftdown. After your seeing all values in the editor is correct then you can change it to your desire one. Click the “WriteMemory” button rightdown to save your changes, by now you can stay the editor where it is or close it, its job is done excellently.

Solution: If you clicked the “LoadGame” button and you found that all the values are incorrect, try these steps for checking the problem
1. Do make sure you are in BAL mode and have not start the match.
2. Verify the game’s version, it must be v1.01. Start your game, skip till “Press Any Button”, watch leftdown and it shows you the version of your game.
3. Check the name of your game process, it must be “pes2011.exe”. Open your task manager and find out the process of PES game, you may see the name. Change your exe file to pes2011.exe when you found your process name is wrong.

* Watch Video Tutorial ENG version.

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