General Feature:
*All features from pesedit 0.3

Features by RaZoR:
*Added Malaysia in Asia Team
*Added Malaysia Premier League (14 Club)
*New Malaysia Home Kit
*Real player name for all MSL clubs
*57 Scanned face for MSL player
*Play Master League using Malaysia Premier League Club
*14 Wallpaper (16 still free)
*New player face (Maradona, Batistuta, Romario, Pele, Cantona, Zidane, Cafu, Dunga, BenKhalifa, Borini, Kakuta, Neymar, Bruma,Pirlo, Eduardo)
*Special Hair Mode by Hawke
*New supporter banner
*New formation icon
*Unlock all in Extra Content

How to install:
1. It is recommended to do a fresh installation before installing the patch.
2. Install PESedit 0.3 patch. (download)
3. Download MSL Patch v1.0 and extract file.
4. Put kitserver folder into C:\Program Files\KONAMI\ProEvolution Soccer 2011
5. Attach the kitserver to the game.
6. Put Save folder into My Document\KONAMI\ProEvolution Soccer 2011.
7. Start the game.

* This Patch based on PESEdit 0.3. Credit to PESEdit team.

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  1. i have 1 question, how have you guys can put only 14 teams in one league (maximum 18 teams)
    sorry bad english, waiting for reply

  2. hahhaa..,bole ja suma tu..,
    malaysia nie die gantikan oman..,
    msl ganti ngn bundesliga 2..,:p
    btw..,ak xphm r..,apsl ak nye menu xle tuko balek!!!!!

  3. salam.. aku guna 0.5 tak silap aku..
    boleh ke install patch ni?
    sorry, aku baru lagi dalam PES.
    sebelum ni main FIFA je.
    harap korang boleh tolong. sebab aku nak sgt patch ni.
    liga malaysia beb! :D

  4. knape ble dah msok Malaysia Patch v1.0 (MSL Included) by RaZoR ni ,,aku pnye licensed utk kelab2 eropah yg lain sume dah x licensed ek??? kits sume jd ape ntah..huhu…please help me…tp team m’sia ade plak…huhu

  5. kenapa kt jersi club2 malaysia ni ada 2 color je?
    black and white?
    kelantan away warna putih.
    no and nama dorg pn putih. mcm mana nak nmpk?
    how to fix this?