pes 2011 PESVN patch 2011 v3.0

– Compatible with DLC 1.01.
– Correct names for all teams and players.
– Updated squad’s latest Vietnam Team.
– All leagues (English Premier League – Spanish LaLiga – Italian – French – German – English Championship).
– Unlock all Pesshop.
– New balls.
– New Face, relink a lot of Face (including players of Vietnam, Bundesliga …)
– Updated national anthem for some Team.
– New kits, relink all kit for (English Premier League – Spanish LaLiga – Italian – French – German – English Championship).
– Updated squad of some team.
– New adboards for all stadiums.
– Real companies for Master league sponsors .
– Waiting for you to discover …

PESVN Team :

Ma$k_Hi3p ( new Menu )
[P.E]mr[a]shin286 (Sound)

Thanks to:
juce & Robbie : kitserver 10.3
Patros46 : PES2011 DATA-EDITOR v1.11
NHL_7 : Face Relink tool
Inas : Kit Relink Tools v2
MxSoniC : OF Changer 1.0
222 : Multi checksum
PesEdit Team : Location on a map of a Team .
All Facemakers , Kitmakers …

How to use :

Install PES2011 -> update DLC 1.0.1
Run Pesvnpatch.exe -> Enjoy

PESVN Patch 2011 v3.0

HOW TO Use …….. !!!!!

– On PES installation folder you create a folder named kitserver, like the picture:

– Run Pesvnpatch.exe to install, following link

After finishing the installation

Finally , you down KONAMI folder, paste to My Documents

Go to kitserver, Open file manager.exe press Attach

To enjoy the game !


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  1. Is the content update key to installing? I think they’re doing server maintenance at the moment so cant update :(

  2. How does this compare to PESedit 0.3? and i mean are the emblems the same as PESedit 0.3? the national flags what are they like? (i guess i could use the waving flags if its the basic ones)

  3. Hướng Dẫn Sử Dụng :
    Cài PES2011 -> update DLC 1.0.1
    Xóa hết tàn dư của những bản patch khác (OF và kitserver)
    Download -> Ghép file lại bằng hjsplit -> Chạy file Pesvnpatch.exe -> chọn thư mục cài Pes11
    Vào thư mục kitserver -> chạy file manager -> chọn Attack
    Vào thư mục C:\Users\All Users\Documents\ -> xóa hết tất cả thư mục KONAMI-> Copy cái này vô đó

    Set PES2011 -> 1.0.1 update DLC

    Delete all remnants of the other patch (OF and kitserver)

    Run Pesvnpatch.exe -> select the directories Pes11

    Kitserver folder -> run the manager.exe -> select Attach

    Folder C: \ Users \ All Users \ Documents \ -> delete all folders KONAMI-> Copy the save folder (correctly)

  4. it would be great if there were mor Scottish premir tams or even a league pES IS far greater than fifa but ido miss the spl leagu option.
    Otherise great patch

  5. For those of you who are having trouble attaching kitserver to pes.exe:

    check your file path for windows 7 x64 it should be:

    (C):program files (x86)\Konami\Pro evolution Soccer 2011\kitserver

    the kitserver folder when you extract it will be called “kitserver2011” if you leave it like that then it wont work, the “kitserver” folder is inside “kitserver2011”. You can just cut and paste or drag the kitserver folder into your main game directory.

    Once you have done this, and the directory is correct, just go into the kitserver folder and right click “manager”, then chosse run as administrator. The game executable pes2011.exe should appear in the drop down box, now just click attach and close. That you installed kitserver. now just re-install the patch

  6. The patch is perfect, but why did you change the player stats in weaker teams? Default stats is better. Sorry for my bad English, I hope that you understand.

  7. Followed above instructions to the letter and still does not work…………..just a black screen………I give up!

  8. nottingham forest kits need relinking dude the goalies have outfield kits and vice versa but rest are fine great patch by u and pesedit

  9. How do I “cancel” the option to unlock all pes shop? I can’t? Cause that would be really nice, I like to unlock it myself

  10. @ comment above it looks that way as in screenshot above there’s an rld.dll file in the installation directory. in other words Cracked by Reloaded

  11. when i do ” Extra Content ” it download while reaching 100%
    it says ” Instllation Feild ”

    What can I do ??

    when i open the game it say unable to load date because of the difference between vergions !!!

  12. could you please release a fix for the relink of the nottingham forest kit problem and bayern and werder are still in other teams, thanks for the great patch

  13. all the players in the championship are real names back incorrect age,skin colour, nationality etc will there be an update for this at some stage?

  14. in bundesliga i can not find bayer monaco but there is two teams called geartenea or something like that… why???

  15. @Mrs Smith

    Download the newest reloaded crack 1.01 that fixed the master league for me.

    the original reloaded crack seems to launch the gmae ok, but crashes the master league for some reason

  16. @Mrs Smith

    No probs mate you got it working? Mine crashed again when i edited the league structure, and i only moved 3 teams!

  17. @ Geo Im having trouble just finding newest crack lol,Ive spent far to long pissing about with this and pesedit patch none of them seem to work.Pesedit crashes on masterleague aswell

  18. I do aprreciate the effort you Patching guys go to immensely though and understand their will be a few niggles here and there

  19. I got the attachment part working, the team names on the epl got changed too however the jersey is not changing and it got the jersey of PES for all epl teams. anyone have any suggestion?

  20. At last I got everything working out, all the teams has good logo and jersey. The master league keep crashing though so I decided to remove this patch and try another one.

  21. i attach the kitserver, it says alright its done with succes but when i go ingame theres nop changes, for example London rest as London not as Chelsea, any ideas why this happen? thanks

  22. i attach the kitserver, it says alright its done with succes but when i go ingame theres nop changes, for example London rest as London not as Chelsea, any ideas why this happen? thanks
    please help…

  23. @ Mrs Smith

    Google game copy world and use the index on there to find pro evo 2011, it has all the cracks stored. I gave up on this and went back to pes edit 0.3, but they havent fixed the 2.bundesliga.

    You can get the liquidSnake patch to install over it tho, and that works with the master league and gives u serie B as D2 in master league.

    Thing is theres 2 LiquidSnake patches and the 1.0 that i have seems to make the game too easy

  24. Game crashes in BAL. Without the patch it doesn’t. So we need a BAL fix for this patch. ML works fine with my game.
    Cheers! Great job!

  25. after i install windows 7 in my pc, the manager of kitserver don´t work anymore… i had a 3.0 version of patch… need i down other version, like 3.1 or 3.2???

  26. I have a lot of patch but al of them doesent working for example englsh
    premier ligue teams doesent have real logo and name :/
    what i do?

  27. For Win 7 (if wrong save and data pack)
    + copy Folder “C:\Documents and Settings\users name\My Documents\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011” :
    to “C:\Users\users name\My Documents\KONAMI\”
    + Copy “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011” to “C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\” luôn nha.