pes 2011 PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.3 pes 2011 PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.3 PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.3 PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.3

PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.3 Features :

* Added all ‘DLC players’ and fixed names and incorrect squad numbers for Premier League, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and around half of Other Teams Europe
* Added all ‘DLC kits’ (new kits for more than 50 licensed teams including the England national team and Villarreal)
* Added correct locations for the unlicensed teams in the team selection screens
* Added missing teams to CL mode (Arsenal, Chelsea, Schalke) and added Copa Libertadores teams to other game modes
* Compatible with DLC 1.01 (also includes it)
* Complete kits and kit configurations for European unlicensed National Teams, also for a few African (Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Wales; Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Egypt)
* Full PSD Stats for Premier League, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Bundesliga and La Liga
* ML sponsors: real companies for ML sponsors
* New faces (Aduriz, Ba, Bargfrede, Benaglio, Bender, Carroll, Castro, Contento, De Gea, Delpierre, Derdiyok, Gonalons, Großkreutz, Hazard, J. Hernandez, Holtby, Höwedes, Hummels, Ibisevic, J. Jones, K. Jones, Kolarov, Koscielny, Luiz Gustavo, Pitroipa, Pogrebnyak, Renato, Riether, Reinartz, Renato Augusto, Reus, Salihovic, Schmelzer, Schürrle, Storari, Subotic, Valdez, Wesley)
* New adboards for all stadiums
* New kits (Bolton, Chelsea, Newcastle, Hoffenheim, Stuttgart)
* New song (The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (Miike Snow Remix) – Vampire Weekend)
* Relinked a lot faces (Ayala, Alfonso Alves, Altidore, Beckham, Donovan, Earnshaw, Emerson, F. Insúa, Franco, Geovanni, B. Jones, Juninho, A. Koné, Kurányi, Ljungberg, Morientes, Odonkor, Ono, Pirès, Ochoa, Ricardo Oliveira, Osorio, Rivaldo, Torrado, Vennegoor of Hesselink)
* Updated a few National Teams’ squads (England, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil)

PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.3

PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.3 – Fix v2 – new

Corrects Bayern and Bremen appearing twice and 2 stats for Ligue 1 playes.

+ ML FIXnew

Download this file and place it in the /kitserver/pesedit/mg/dt0f.img/ folder (replacing the old). You will now be able to edit the league structure without crashing. However, Copa teams will only be available in the Copa Libetadores mode in-game.

* Compatible with DLC 15.10.2010 (also includes 1.01) and MLO.


christopher91, Inspector Gadget, Pat, philipp123, RKO, Simcut
juce & Robbie for Kitserver 10
hio for helping a lot with hex editing and his tutorials

PES Stats Database
[4D]Nossy Ibisevic, Jones, Luiz Gustavo
Albertocp Renato
Arnau Valdez
Cgf Gonalons
Cigman Badstuber, Hamsik, Hazard, Koscielny
DPZone Diego, Dzeko, J. Hernandez, Rosicky
Drift Reus
El Fluppe Bargfrede
El Nino 9 Carroll, Forlán
Felipe Pflanzer Özil
Futbolist777 Hummels, Subotic
Hitfacer Salihovic, Riether
Illuminati Storari
Jelly Großkreutz, Schmelzer, Schürrle
KB Castro, Reinartz, Renato Augusto
Leo_Messi_10 Holtby
Michi1860 Barrios, Bender
Mystiq Benaglio
Romantik Derdiyok, K. Jones
Saintkei De Gea
Stevie Höwedes
WUDF Delpierre
xCheWx Aduriz
alepes Twente, West Bromwich
alen_petrin Adidas referees
ajay_yeung West Ham
Asiat Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Romania, Rubin
Kazan, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland
chingoedw Wigan
Dark Nero Blackburn, Chelsea, Stoke, Ukraine
David Cluj
Deo reloaded Osasuna
diNo Chelsea, Denmark
EdxZ101 Getafe
elxeneixe Bulgaria
frontliner28 Belgium, Brazil, Serbia, Slovenia, Wolverhampton
Josemigol Málaga
jvinu2000 Espanyol, Hannover
klashman69 Birmingham, Manchester City, Levante, Real Sociedad, Sevilla
mstar Arsenal, Aston Villa, Besiktas, Dortmund, Everton, Frankfurt, Fulham, Gladbach,
Hoffenheim, Leverkusen, Nürnberg
Müller Bento Hércules
Pat Bolton, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hércules, Hamburg, Hoffenheim, Kaiserslautern, Köln,
Mainz, Leverkusen, Newcastle, Nürnberg, Schalke, St. Pauli, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg
Prame33 Blackpool, Liverpool
Tottimas Bosnia, Montenegro, Wales
Venom Almeria, Sunderland
VinVanDam13 Lecce, Palermo
arquero7171 & r4m130 Adboards
denxho ML sponsors
AFS Explorer by WE-NG Team
Game Graphic Studio by obocaman
ZLIB Tool by juce
If we missed you in the credits, please message us.


1. Start the installler and install the patch into your PES 2011 directory.

2. Start the game with pes2011.exe or using the desktop shortcut
The 1.0.1 update for PES 2011 (required for online mode) can be downloaded here

Note: If the game doesn’t work this is probably a kitserver error. Try to install the bin files
into the imgs using the tutorial below.

The following explains how to install the files into d02.img, for the other files (dt0c.img,
dt04.img dt07.img and dt09.img) it’s the same, just the names differ.
1. Open dt02.img (PES 2011/img) with AFS Explorer 3.7
2. Click ‘Action → Import Folder’ and select the folder d02.img in this download, then
click ‘ok’.
3. In the next window it will ask you to rebuild, click yes and save a file ‘dt02.img’ to
anywhere (e.g. your desktop)
4. Once it’s finished, copy the newly created dt02.img (placed in the directory which
you decided to use for the rebuild) and copy it to PES 2011/img folder, replace the
existing file.
*If anything went wrong you can copy the original img files from the game disc (program
files/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011/img)


If you don’t want the new music for example, delete the dt02.img folder from
kitserver/pesedit/img and delete songs.txt from kitserver/pesedit
Here’s a little overview about this:
* Created stadiums → ST_EXPORT01.bin, ST_EXPORT02.bin, ST_THUMB01.bin,
* Music → dt02.img, songs.txt
* Referee kits → dt09.img
* Schüco Arena Training stadium → dt07.img

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  1. it would be better to post links to other sites except hotfile cause i can down only one file per half an hour.. but pesedit rocks really.. keep up the good work :)

  2. good patch but in other europe league are two duplicates of bundesliga : werder bremen and bayer muchen.
    would be nice a fix that add two new teams.
    thanks a lot pesedit!

  3. I’ve already tried PES edit patch, and i found 5 problems with it.

    1. The game crashes now when i try to play the game. The game freezes, however i still managed to enter the menu after i tried loading the game about 5 times.

    2. The game freezes/stops whenever i tried to edit the name of any sort of player in the edit menu. Other parts of the menu were editable without a problem, but when i tried to edit the name, the game freezes.

    3. The legend mode characters from patch 0.2 are not compatible with 0.3. I could not play them

    4. When i tried to create new legend mode characters, the game froze at choosing the nationality part. I could not even produce new characters to play become a legend mode.

    5. The new emblems of patch 0.3 changes back to original PES nonlicensed version after dling the DLC.

  4. this rocks,
    but the musics… i dont like it very much just one or two
    but keep doing what you do best because the patch ROCKS!!!!!!

  5. love this patch. Wondering would the creators ever consider including the Northern Irish league in their patches.

  6. Guys after the install of pes edit 0.3. ,i noticed that i can’t edit the team names ! Did you see that too?What can i do for that?I tried the editor 1.1,but this didn’t change them also.

  7. problem! just click on installer everything was good (fix is installed to) but i havent got real emblems! but names are OK (like: ARSENAL FC and emblem is the old one-north london)slovak kits are worse then in 0.2 patch!!tell mi where is mistake pls

  8. @kuba: dlc is included in this installer, you dont have to update by konami service…
    for me everything works perfect. installed with installer then installed the fix. correct kits and emblems and players, online works.

  9. about dummy players ….excuse my mistake….i used an old saved leauge file in save directory.

    excuse again!
    thank you for you support!

  10. These patches are starting to piss me off, no offence intended since I know you guys at least try.. But the DLC isn’t included in this patch, meaning I can’t go online without getting the DLC, rendering this patch useless..

  11. I’ve already installed “PES 2011 Patch 0.2 by razib_46” on my computer,now.. if i install the new patch, i mean “PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.3”, is there become a problem or some “crash” could happen with my PES 2011?

    I need some advise, please… thx…

  12. PESEdit, I liked the music in your version 0.2 ..most of them anyway. Have you changed them all ? no problem anyway..i will just copy the old dt02.img folder of version 0.2 into 0.3 .

  13. i’ve already installed “PES 2011 Patch 0.2 by razib_46″ on my computer,now.. if i install the new patch, i mean “PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.3″, is there become a problem or some “crash” could happen with my PES 2011?

    I need some advise, please… thx…

  14. Matt that’s because you’re doing it wrong. Install the patch, then download the new DLC. Exit, then install the fix. It worked for me.

  15. I beg you developers next time put PSD stats in Panathinaikos / Olympiacos / AEK / PAOK as i already tried and with your v2 fix they got lost . Btw make all other league teams have PSD stats please :) . Great job btw . I was waiting like crazy for this !!!

  16. Ive just downloaded all of the parts, just hope the size of the players looks exactly like Pes 2011 konami’s . I know other peoples patches have tampered with player weight and height have screwed it up. Pes edit, touch wood …have aways been good :)

  17. @Refugee I found out what I did wrong, guess the patch on usenet didn’t contain the fix (even though the nzb said it contained the fix). Downloaded the fix from here and I finally got it running the way it’s supposed to. Great succes!

  18. hey guys. thanks for your support and so on. but when will you finish 2nd bundesliga, so i can finally start a master league game … and another wish would be to add some of the history players faces, such as zidane, nedved, figo …

  19. the downloads never finish, they just lag and stop after a while, I already read a lot of complaints about errors and crashes…is this worth it?
    I guess I’ll have to wait for the smoke patch to be released…at least those guys know what they’re doing and don’t exaggerate the player’s stats just because it’s their club or they like them…
    I installed 0.2 and instead of focussing on important things, such as player’s stats or positions I noticed I got some stupid looking balls (a candy, a paper wrap…etc)…I don’t need the correct faces on every player, but at least get their hair colour right!
    And if you post this patches, at least care to answer people when they have doubts, which I don’t see happening…

  20. The most stupid patch i have ever seen omg only instaler and after that all wrong…much better without that patch

  21. hey pesedit people

    can you put the correct players in boca and river (for example)? at least, make a copy of that players like cañete, lanzini, gaona,

    that players all appears in the oficial actualization of konami, but not in this patch.. why? fix it please!!

  22. This worked for em somehow, but the only problem is i couldnt get the “Waiving flag” of mr Fresh (another guys flags) to work . It was so frustrating. It worked on version Pesedit 0.2. Unfortunately i dont know why it never worked on Pesedit 0.3 . i copied Dt.04 file in IMG folder (program folder) still nothing happened. So now im reverting back to version 0.2, screw the DLC update. its not like it made much difference. version 0.2 was good for me. im not too fussed if some players number is wrong in some team called Wilhem II . As long as Liverpool Fc and other big names are good thats cool.


    and please remember, this isn’t version 1.0 YET there are lot of updates ! see how efficient the team are.

  24. after patch: game work
    before patch: game dont work (berofre entering in the stadium)

    so? its my problem or its problem of the patch? ok.

    what can i do to fix it??

  25. I have patch 0.3 and I have attached a bin file and the IMG via AFS Explorer, when you walk into the Bundesliga pes did not correct as it is not even installed the patch. Why can fix that because I do not want kitserver folder … please help

  26. psd stats are not exagerated. they are perfect. however, it’s a problem for the people that play the “master league online”. we prefer konami stat’s because it is usefull for buying player “online”. I think it should be included the option to add konami stats or psd stats (in the installer.exe and you could choose)

  27. there are gharnetova and nelapoltsk at the end of the other euro teams list….which are fake teams…with fake roaster…


    0.3 FOR THE WIN!

    WORKS GREAT … to all the people that the patch has not work properly, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

    Costa Rica Represent!

  29. so, you guys says, if i do manually that thing of bin files (i do it before in the patch 0.1), my problem can be fix? or my problem is not about that of bin files?? i dont want to do all of things if that doesn`t work…

  30. FIRST,



  31. it isn’t compatible with DLC 1.01 at all….
    in DLC 1.01(15.10.2010) there are zilina and bursaspor teams added…
    but after patch 0.3 they are gone and gharnetova/nelapoltsk two fake teams appear…
    also North and South national team kits are gone away…
    too bad…

  32. DLC 15.10.2010 seems it updated some of Npower Championship league roasters…. but after 0.3 they are also gone …. what’s going on?

  33. you might not care about south north american teams kits since you never play with costa rica national team…but alot others do care abot their own national team kits…
    also you should check carefully b4 you say sth works properly….
    there are many ppl saying it’s not compatible with the latest DLC and prolly you don’t even care…coz you have no idea what’s going on lol
    I believe that you don’t really care about things that don’t work properly :)

  34. hello how you been
    excuse me if you do not understand me well
    I do not speak English
    but I wonder if through you
    You can read my suggestion
    that in the patches of PES 2011 do you know
    You may include a team of Ecuador
    called Liga de Quito (LDU)
    winner of four international cups
    1 copa libertadores
    2 recopas
    1 sudamericana
    please help me I hope you
    or you tell someone who can do this.
    can be where they are boca, river, internacional
    in that place can be

  35. please in the future when making update make Of without a PSD or a copy of the original assessment. Thank you in advance.

  36. blah.. blah.. blah.. i know this patch still have a lot of missing stuffs.. but come on it’s free alright? if you people think you are so good why don’t you all do it yourself?

  37. totally fake, the patch don’t work in every way you try to install it. there are only logos for competitions but nothing for teams and no kits.

  38. @lulu….yea…of course ppl appreciate what patchers have don…
    however, they shouldn’t lie about things they didn’t do….
    such as no compatibility with the latest DLC.
    ppl are not mad b/c they could do better, or patch sucks.
    they are mad b/c patchers lie about what is not true.
    you get that?
    d.u.m.b. a.s.s.

  39. Patch works, great work! But a lot of Copa Libertadores and SouthAmerican new players from DLC are not available, not even as free agents (eg. River Plate’s striker Pavone). Please fix that to make this patch totally perfect

  40. ur all talkin crap, just install 2.0 + fix & 3.0 + fix.
    just take ur time and try if i doesn’t work uninstall start from 1.0 to 3.0 + fixes then ull see it will work. (i only used 2.0 & 3.0 +fix)

  41. Great job guys!!!!I am happy that you spend your time for us to enjoy that game.But i am missing Bundesliga 2.Will come or did i something wrong???

  42. Can someone please upload this into another file server which free users can download? HF and FS is very very slow… Thanks alot..

  43. So is this compatible with the latest DLC or what? Should I wait for the next update to be fully compatible with 15/10 DLC?

  44. game install -> pesedit patch 0.3 -> 0.3 fix -> 0.3 fix v2 -> 0.3 ML fix

    then copy paste files for DLC 10.15.2010!

    this way you can get team zilina and bursaspor back!

    if premier league & D2 logos are missing ->
    leauge logo for premier & D2 you can download pics and import your own.

    DLC 10.12 2010 is already included in patch 0.3.

    this way you get about 70% npower championship league roaster,
    with correct teams names and correct team emblems!!!

  45. So if I have already updated 15/10 DLC, how do I remove it? so I’m able to install pesedit and then put the DLC update again..

    // Delete dt0f.img from download folder. That is DLC.

  46. Very good patch.
    Please can you use exactly the same stats as PES Stats Database?
    Also fix the Serie A stats.
    Thank you.

  47. I made a mistake, i haved patch 0.3 before from some1 and was better, wih all premier team names, this one not, make it worst… dont get it, i need old version now:

  48. In my game i have in europe “Gharnetova” and “Nelapoltsk”, is this correct?

    I have those two teams in other euro teams too…

    is this correct?

  49. I deleted edit.bin which is in 0.3 patch by mistake. Can somebody upload only edit.bin please? I don’t want to download all the file again.

  50. i have patch 0.2
    if i install that,i must uninstall the 0.2 or when i install,the patch overwrite the old??

    se installo questa devo disinstallare laa 0.2 oppure questa sovrascrive la vecchia????grazie


  52. I don´t understand nothing. i Install the patch and the transfers aren´t updated. If I install after the DLC patch, the transfers are correct but the kits for clubs return to the same start

  53. The strips and logos work fine. but if I update the data content, strips are gone. But without the update players still on the wrong team summer tranferes”. To me is the same problem. If I update the data in the extra content, players still on the wrong team

  54. pow esse patch é maluco em vez de evolui ele esta retrocedendo ate cigman parece inesperientes se liga melhora ese patch mano !!!!!

  55. I’ve installed it but encountered plenty of problems:
    1.) Te game crashed/not responding when i’m trying to start a game.
    2.) And also, when im selecting the team, there is a weird/strange HUGE WORD appear on top of the screen.
    Anyone can help? Please. Thanks!

  56. Does anyone know how can I get in touch with the team that makes a patch pes edit?
    I would like to ask if it is possible to make option file with the original scores of players for this patch, because I think that significantly alters the game play.

  57. LE, i had already joined the forum and also posted my problems under “ASK thread”, can you guide me if you know the solution? thanks a lot!

  58. i rather wait the same patch for different version. i’m not ruin my game for v.01,v.02,v.03, etc etc etc. i’ll wait for PATCH v.10 (the final) before the winter transfer. Gerrard already on Intermilan’s squad and Torres will be as Anceloti’s striker.

  59. I can’t wait for Patch v.10 because my game is now CRASHING!!! Don’t even can play a game!!! Anyone know how to restore? Re-Installed PES 2011 also help nothing!

  60. 2 question

    1 – this patchs include 0.1 and 0.2 ?
    2 – Bundesliga players name still not correct ? logos and emblems works, but players name fake

  61. Hey guys! i`ve found the error, its the exe of 0.3, install 0.2 once again and then copy the exe of 0.2, then install 0.3 directory in your PES2011 folder, now replace the exe which you`ve got from 0.3 with the exe from 0.2. should work.

  62. no. 7brand
    what about master league
    when it should start only transfers,save & exit icons can be applied
    game plan and next icons cant be used WHY?
    please tell me

  63. the patch didnt work, it say “unable to load because data is from different version. download new content to update data”.
    help please !

  64. why thank them for a fuiled patch? dont deserve credit if they cant make it right, its not like its the first version, its the third try and every single one failed at some point…..

    think ill wait for sm tbh.

    epic fail patch yet again.

  65. immortal, thats how the master league starts… u have to megotiate for a player first before u can continue with ML
    U can negotiate for the suggested player but refuse to sign him later
    when u finish negotiating it will carry on to the next phase…training and so on and so forth.

  66. I installed the patch in a empty folder but there is an error: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 has not been installed. Please HELP.

  67. This works for me..but i have problem with the emblems..the teams names are all correct but the emblems went back to the old version like the unlicensed one…i have problem with chelsea kit too

  68. the patch works ok. you need to install it on a fresh copy of the game otherwhise the game will crash (if for example you have the 0.2 patch installed) I don’t understand what does the ML fix do?

  69. I installed it with a fresh copy but the game crash as well, why? How to restore back then? because even i reinstall PES2011, same problem occured..please help!

  70. after you install the patch install the PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.3 – Fix v2. After that everything should work. Cheers!

  71. hi everything works great. i’ve installed on top of the 0.2 patch so nothing has to do with previous patch, but one problem in my saved become a legend game i have a lot of dummy players.If i start a new game BL everything is fine, but i don’t want to start from beggining.Nevertheless, everything else works great.
    thank you for your work.

    P.S.please fix the dummy players in saved games…

  72. SO77, you are great!!! thank you!!!
    For those who game crashing during before the game, please install Fix V2 after patch0.3!!! No more crashing now!!!

  73. When i install this i get this error when in game about it not being able to load old data etc etc.
    and it doesnt have the new kits than of newcastle and stuff

  74. Do we have to upgrade to DLC 1.01 for this ?
    And do we have to have 0.1 and 0.2 patch installed in order to install this one, or this one is independent ?

  75. The uniform of the goalkeeper of Brazil is all gray. I tried to change and failed. The file is unnamed_5455. Thank you.

  76. is there an edit file for this? the other one (from pesedit) doesnt work as it says its a different version. Any suggestions??

  77. Hey man is very good this patch, but one thing, there is not the update of the stats for all the players of the AS ROMA team.
    The stats of this players are the same like the start of the PES 2010…
    This team that finish the “Serie A” in the 2nd place, now, is too bad, like a team of second division.

    Can you update the stats please?

    PD: Sorry if my english level is too bad…

  78. I really want to face CHICHARITO looks genuine !!!!!
    but patch 0.3 is not running ..

    how to install it is different from the patch 0.1

    plisss reply…

  79. Thanks for this great patch!!

    I have the problem that the game will be crashed while change any setting in team style (both edit mode or game mode). It’s no problem on patch 0.2. Any solution? Million thx!!

  80. no need to update data pack in extra content right ? i try to update but it error
    why chicharito face is still the same? or wrong install
    sorry for my bad eng.

  81. You have to update the Libertadores teams by hand. It doesn’t take long, after you get the hang of it. This patch is excellent but it only works for me, flawlessly, if I use Kitserver 10.0.2 (the one that comes with the patch). The moment I upgrade to kitserver 10.0.3, no matter what I do, the patch starts having trouble (losing a logo here, failing to update a face there, etc.).

  82. formations like ac milan 433, is not update.
    copa libertadores is not update too.
    ex: wagner love is anymore on flamengo.
    update this please, and tks.

  83. Cannot wait for 0.4. Oh, and would you be so kind and fix Jelen’s (from Auxerre) stats in the next edition, please?

  84. “unable to load because data is from different version. download new content to update data” . what happened ? help!

  85. Hi, please help! Installed patch 0.3 and as for many of us, after staerting the exe it stops after 5 seconds. The problem: 4c889bf7. Thanks in advance!

  86. why is there no polish team of the ekstraklasa? at least there should be lech poznan because they play in the europe league.

  87. If I Put this Img on Xbox 360 Pes2011 backup so this is work?
    in Patch Vince nantes I rebuild ISO of PES2011 putting on this ISO some files with Img name :)

  88. I’ve installed this patch, but I don’t see Bayern Munchen in the Bundesliga in my old BAL profile. Do I really have to start a new profile? Isn’t there any other solution?

  89. cant wait for the new patch, these guys always have and always will be the best patchers, any ideas when 0.4 is gonna be released? thanks for your hard work in advance

  90. patch works great but when i try to edit league structure in any league under edit than most of the team’s in other latin american team’s turn in to austria and make the game crash when you are in BAL or ML mode and press next

  91. Errr having problems changing the latin american to other leagues. Is there any way you can add a custom league and custom cup mode like the previous PES games had? I just want to make all the clubs face each other in different groups! That’s my dream! Btw all the latin american teams changed to austria hmmm was wondering how do I fix it?

  92. I say the same
    patch works great but when i try to edit league structure in any league under edit than most of the team’s in other latin american team’s turn in to austria and make the game crash when you are in BAL or ML mode and press next

  93. I tried to edit boots ability with boots editor..but I can’t find bin file boots name..I input bootpack its a crash..I used PES 2011 Patch v 0.3..where I can find the file to change boots name n ability with Boots editor? (In boots editor says boots name is 1823.bin but I can’t find the file in kitserver???)