PES 2011 PS3 DFL OptionFile 2011 Version 0.5

DFL OptionFile 2011 Version 0.5 by Cristiano92 – only for EU Version BLES 01022


– Barclay’s Premier League with League Logos, Team Kits and Badges
– Spanish Primera Division with League Logos and Badges
– German Bundesliga with League Logos, Team Kits and Badges
– Italian Club US Palermo with Kits and Badge (Serie A with League Logos)
– Every Cup with Logos


Extract the Archive to your USB Device.
Go to Games-SaveData Programm (PS3) and copy every Data on its own.

There is no other way.

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  1. Mid October:

    – First Teams of Bundesliga (Squads, Names, Emblems, Kits, League/Cup Logo)

    This option file will be updated. Come back for future versions…

  2. i extracted the archive to my usb but when i open games save data programm the playstation says that my usb device is empty and there are no saved data…
    i even trasndered every data by its own but the playstation does not see them
    what can i do?

  3. lolo!!!! I have the same problem ps3 say not saved data ! we need urgently assistance!!! help.. i flipe out bro

  4. Are you guys pressing the Triangle button on you’re USB’s so it will show everything on the USB stick ?

  5. when you press triangle you get the information that there are 14 gb of space on my device, but it does not show the content of the other two remaining gb

  6. There are some bugs..Bundesliga players are not editted at all!They can’t play because they are low-overall-rated.For example 65..Also primera division..No team emblems and badges..Premier league is ok except arsenal second and goalkeeper’s kits and bermigham..What the fuck do I do wrong?

  7. the strange thing is : i can see all the fotos and songs that are on the usb device
    the only thing i can´t see are the pes2011 data

  8. BLES – 01021 = UK
    BLES – 01022 = EU

    This Option File = EU

    here is the instruction for unlocking trophies

    1. Download OF.

    2. Copy all files onto PS3 expect the following
    – System Data.

    3. Now after you have copied all files start PES2010 and you should be able to get trophies.

    So basically do NOT copy the System Data in the Option File.

  9. hii i have ps3 pal and i copy all the fiels to the savedate and its didnt do something what i need to do? and if i want to play in online its do problem ?

  10. thanks !
    i have questions:
    and say me you make a lot of patch like the pesedit to pc ?
    and you can do option to not complete to trophy ?
    and you not say me the online going to work ?
    and i can to do the patch of konami and the ps3 and its not make problem ?

  11. Hola una pregunta cuando saldra una nueva version o parche para los equipos de la liga española? o cuando aran una actualizacion de las plantillas…

    Alguien sabe en que equipo esta Luis Fabiano en el PES 2011 que en el sevilla no esta y no lo encuentro… :S

  12. i extracted the archive to my usb but when i open games save data programm the playstation says that my usb device is empty and there are no saved data.

    what can i do?

  13. I need to answer!!! I have same problems as lolo and zekarik!! my ps3 does not say data on usb? triangle pressed ect!! but nothing!!! patch is the fake? why here does none help?

  14. As some other guys here i coppied the files in my usb but when i go to Saved data utility i cnt see them. Someting we make wrong??? I used to transfer files for pes10 but never happend that


    so extract the ps3 folder to your usb stick. now u must have ps3/save data/…
    your ps3 should now see all the files in there.

    next step is to copy all files on is own -.-
    push triangle then copy, then the next file and so on.


  16. We know that the point is that when we put the usb in ps3 cant find the extracted files that we already put in usb

  17. @biLL7

    i had the same problem and solved it by puting the files into the right path. ( usbstick/ps3/savedata/…)
    if that deosn`t work i can`t help sorry -.-

    try to copy any other savedata from your ps3 to the usb device. and then search for the file on your pc. Get noticed about the path there. and then try to do the work backwards.


  18. Hey,

    I have extracted all the files, copied them on the ps3, but nothing seems to change. Does anybody has idea why ?


  19. Why it isn’t working, the files are uploaded to my playstation 3 but it seems that it wont wanna work. Anyone a idea, i went to Edit en then Install but that wont work also.

    Someone who can help?

  20. I have the same problem as messsiii and MK, i have successfully copied all the files to the ps3 but when i started the game nothing had changed at all. ??? any help

  21. My recommend is to make a new user accout on your ps3. Then to copy all the files into te right path of your ps3.(like i said before usbstick/ps3/savedata/…) After that you should have all the files on yur ps3. don´t forget to copy every single file on its own. The new user account makes sure that you have no other save game of PES 2011.

    DONT forget its for the EU version of PES, not UK or US or any other.

  22. Iv recieved the UK version of The PES today, and it is: BLES01020 and not BLES01021…

    Does anyone know when the UK version of the optionFile will be realeased…


  23. klonur, thanks for the response. But it still doesnt work. Could it be, because the ‘edit file’ is german (edierten data)? I created a new account and copied every file on its own, but still nothing changed. Does anybody know why???

  24. Messsiiii what is your BLES number? mine is 01021 i’m living in the netherlands but i got the UK version i guess. I think that if you have that number also you wont be able to install this patch and you have to wait for a UK patch….

  25. MK, ik woon ook in Nederland, en heb hetzelfde BLES nummer. Dat zal het wel zijn dan. Apart dat wij die UK version he bben dan? Wanneer komt die UK patch dan…! Wil met licenties spelen…! Bedankt iig

  26. hi , please upload it some where else like .fileserve
    because these are filter in my contry
    thank you very much

  27. Is there a trick to copy the data from usb to ps3 quicker?

    There are 1104 files in total.. it’d be too long if I’ve to press triangle -> copy.. :S

    I tried PS3 media server.. Any solutions?

    Thank you.

  28. Is there a trick to copy the data from usb to ps3 quicker?

    There are 1104 files in total.. it’d be too long if I’ve to press triangle -> copy for every single file.. :S

    I tried PS3 media server.. Any solutions?

    Thank you.

  29. Hey can anyone help pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :(, I leave in Sweden and my question is can i use this patch ?


  30. Hey i got a promblem i’ve download it but it doesnt work. I’ve get copy it all and now what i must do to get in the game. It have go the systeminstall aand there is a install button. I’ve done that and then it see that the install is done. But than i go to Edit and there is nothing changed. What can i do now. Can anybody help me please ?

    Thank you

    Sorry for my english (It is not very good)

    Of kan jij mij a.u.b. helpen Natas.
    In het nederlands is voor mij makkelijker dan in het engels.

  31. I copied all the files to the PS3 but nothing has changed when I start the game and check in edit mode. My version is BLES 01020, might this be the problem?!

  32. Chicosta91 je moet een andere downloaden want met deze gaat het niet lukken! Dit is de EU versie, wij in Nederland hebben de UK versie!

  33. What kind of fool thinks that the patch will automaticly update your kits and so forth??

    Once you save the files to your system, turn on pes2011, go to edit, by team, select team(i.e. Arsenal)and upload the logo for each kit,

    This is the way i did it but you could also just use the prequel data(if you had pes2010)

  34. Guys this patch isnt ready yet.
    @ NAcho: it isnt fucked up or something else. read the text above and you see what you get.
    Bundesliga for example isnt full playable( players arent edited)


  35. Voor de nederlanders…zijn in deze patch ook alle transfers gedaan?

    In the patch are al transfers from this summer?

    Thanks for the information

  36. Please note that guys. I write it for the last time.
    Copy all the files on your usb stick:

    usbstick/ps3/savedata/…. <——–

    then stick it into your ps3.

    Go to your savedata ps3 thing there and then copy all the files on its own.

    press triangle go to copy click ok.


  37. hi does ne1 know what version south africa has
    i need to update my pes 2011 for ps3 but have no internet only @ work
    where can i get the updates please

  38. Download was ok till i put it on my ps3! it is stand on my PS3 but still doesn’t work
    It doesn’t work, who know’s something to make it work

    please help me

    thnx a lot


  39. you know when u have to extract the file to the usb,,what shall i click extract here,extract file or extract to DFL option file??

    quick answer please

  40. toutes les conversations vont à droite et à gauche ici on ne comprend rien. DONC SVP j’ai extrait les fichiers dans ma ps3 tout va bien,je veux juste savoir comment on rajoute la bundesliga dans le jeu please.MERCI

  41. it worked fine with me. but i had to have a PSP in order d«to copy files i didnt managed to doi« it with a usb sticker