Patch Features:

– Correct names for all unlicensed club teams and leagues
– Correct emblems for all unlicensed club teams leagues
– Correct kits for all unlicensed club teams
– Correct names for all players
– Complete Bundesliga
– Partial Championship in D2 League
– Transfers up-to-date

How to install:

– Copy “Edit.bin” from save folder to your save folder (C:\Users\username\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\save)
– Copy the “kitserver” folder to the game installation folder (C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011)
– Go to the kitserver folder, run “manager.exe” and attach the patch

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  1. Please help me with a problem… I tried to download the file from hotfile but the download didn’t appeared to me. So I tried again but it showed me that I am already downloading a file. But I have no clue what file I am downloading. Please can somebody help me ?

  2. Hey Razib are you from Bangladesh?? Tumi kamne edit file ta update korla? Pls boilo. I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Cheers!

  3. I installed the patch and my kitserver not working. After I installed the AFS and was half the patch ..
    There are teams which do not have the kit’s correct and symbols continue the original game ..
    Ler foneticamente

  4. Wait a second I did it and new leagues (such as Bundelsiga) showed up but the team emblems and team kits are not official. Why is that and what am I doing wrong?

  5. OK, guys, listen: At first it did not work with me either. What I did? I removed the game and then installed it again. Did it and it worked, do it to! Thanks for the great patch!

  6. @razib_46 good patch ppl
    fresh installment of pes 11
    The Championship teams logos & the kit
    but the player r not but it a start.
    this does not work with with DLC &
    player in Championship have the wrong
    names but wait for the update &
    it will work ppl

  7. this patch don’t work
    there aren’t this files paul.dll,lang.ini,unicows.dll,Sclogo.bmp

    Questa patch non va
    Non ci sono questi file paul.dll,lang.ini,unicows.dll,Sclogo.bmp

  8. Works, but there is not championship players yet, but logos,kits etc is ok and i think here is wrong edit-file or something, cause i download this from razib blog and everything works. I tested version from here and same prob like most, must wait updates

  9. Seems like a decent patch.. Haven’t tried yet.

    All I really want is PES League OR D2 replaced with something, like bundesleague.

    D2 I can always put other european teams there, and dump the fake D2 teams into Other european teams folder.

    And correct kits to teams.

    Can someone recommend a patch to my needs?

  10. i instaled patch and his work great but i instaled dlc by mistake and now patch doesn work, no logos of teams and no shirts how can i delete dlc i wana play this patch please help :)

  11. axu k ta bem xplicado. ainda nao instalei o patch mas pelo visto só funciona se reinstalares o pes.
    depoix deves copiar o ficheiro edit.bin para pasta
    Copy “Edit.bin” from save folder to your save folder (C:\Users\username\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\save)
    de seguida copias a pasta kitserver para a pasta (C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.
    por fim executas o ficheiro manager.exe k tah dentro da pasta kitserver k acabaste de copiar. já entendes maravilha

  12. e matori znaci kad ekstraktujes onaj file i udjes u to sto je ekstraktovano imas SAVE ikonicu i to sto je u SAVE folderu to kopiras u SAVE folder u kom si instalira PES, onda posle kopiras Kit Server u PES 11 i ides attach…

  13. to sam druze i uradio ali nece probao sam i sa i bez novog DLC-a i nemogu da ga ATACH:( jesi apdejtovao novi dlc jel ti radi sa njim ?

  14. Here, i cant attach the kitserver:

    Setup failed to install KitServer 2011 for ..\pes2011.exe.

    (No modifications made)
    Verify that the executable is not READ-ONLY, and try again.

    >>> Settings EXE:
    No action required

    What I can do??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Razib, please, include into your PES 2010 and PES 2011 patches “San Marino” National Teams. I dont know, but i love to play with not so strong national teams to show my skills into these games.

    Your patches are great. Thanks.

  16. I have problem with the sound of the fans. Sometimes they are silent and I only listen to the commentators of the game. Can you help me? Thanks

  17. bor..need help..install this rar files..did just like instruction..but says kitserver not!

  18. the patch doesn’t work. i have goalkeepers kit and names ok but i haven’t right logos and players kits of the original game version. i have to re install or is the patch that is damaged?

  19. OK so here is the problem. I have done everything correctly but when i try to open the application “manager” it says information unavaliable and i also have tried “run as administrator” So What Should I Do ???

  20. for me,only bundesliga and championship was added by this patch but the names of the teams and players werent fixed and there was no transfer up to date

  21. paidia ta katebazo alla otan mpeno pali ta idia exei oyte germaniko prota8lima exei kai tin omades tis premier liga me tis deixni tin arsenal boreio lodino ti prepi na kano prepi na katebaso kai ta 2

  22. tq dude, it works, but i have some problem.. why do i patch 0.6, the team jersey BPL turns as the original patch as yet?, but if the 0.1 patch, jersey changes, no one has a problem like me??

  23. where is ‘edit bin’, the ‘game installation’ folder, and the ‘kitserver’ folders??
    i have noe idea how to get them!!

  24. I went to manager, did attach, but then the kitserver says “ERROR”. HELP PLEASE

    P.S.:Sorry for my poor english…

  25. kitserver run as administrator edit bin only do not have a datapack like me i don’t have datapack thats why this patch works for me thanks razib-46 you are the BEST!!!1