Daymos Elite PES2011 & WE2011 Option File V1

v1: Includes the correct team kits and logo emblems.

Coming soon…

V1.5: All goalkeeper tops will be complete as some have last seasons kits >> 2 more German Teams >> The internationals will be 100% complete>> All the International competition emblems will be complete.

V2: Will include the English Championship with 18 Squads in the D2 League

Possible V3: with the help of the community: Could be the Bundesliga

Once you have this data on a USB stick follow these steps.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

1). Turn on your Xbox 360 and plug in the USB memory card >>>

2). Go to system menu settings on your Xbox 360 dashboard >>>

3). Go to memory and select the memory card >>>>

4). You will see a folder called PES2011 / WE2011>>>>

5). Detail the folder with the ‘Y’ button and select COPY (NOT MOVE)>>>>>

6). Copy the folder into your Xbox 360 hard drive (you don’t need to copy each of the 250 files 1 by 1)>>>>

7). Select yes to replace all items (note this will erase your edit data but not your saved leagues or cups or replays etc)>>>

8). Load up the game>>>>>

9). Enjoy

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  1. 3). Go to memory and select the memory card >>>>

    4). You will see a folder called PES2011 / WE2011>>>>

    How does this work if you have to format the usb stick prior to use? Thanks

  2. ik snap er geeen bal van moet je nu alle 2 die dingen downloaden?


    wie kan me even helpen?

    groetjes en alvast bedankt alwin

  3. When I put a USB to my 360 and go to systemsettings / memory every map is 0kb but I put all the files to the USB drive.
    Why I can’t see them? (pictures and other stuff I can see)

    Please help me

  4. Alwin,, you have to put your files in the USB, This way:

    This website is awsome!!!!!!
    i never thougth 360 games coud be patched.

    But i have the ntcs/U spanish-portugese Game,, and this patch only runs a half on my 360 (i know,, it’s weird); i have some teams, like arsenal or chelsea fully working, but the calcio and spanish league logos wont show up, neither any the 2-league team logos. Any idea how to fix this??

  5. I tried this file and it taks like forever for the game to load up the screen. for exampel, after every ML match it has to save and so on and that takes like forever..i dont know if thats normal. i do understand that it is alot of files ofc but 2-3 mins (if not more?) for the menu to show is pretty anoying. Normal??? or am i doing this thing wrong?

  6. when i download, no logos are on the teams shirts? also all league logos are missing except for barclays. plz help!