Download this video in HD resolution here: Download AFS Explorer Tutorial.

Watch the video and learn how to patch PES 2011 using AFS explorer ;)

Download AFS Explorer 3.7.

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  1. I have a question. Why the dt02.img renamed as dt07.img and other img of the patch. How renamed? sorry my english its horrible i`m from argentina

  2. I have a failure when i will save the dt02.img . There dont come any question where i can save the file . After importung nothing happens (hes moving files and than nothing) the other ones works fine

  3. k It works now but when i play (zb as Borussia Dortmund) the names of the players are all wrong 0o . Like Nahlman or Kerchendeier ? Whats that ? When BVB is my opponet the names are correkt

  4. I know this is an old video Hawke but just wanted to say how good it is. Simply put together, music fits, does exactly what is should do and even without dialogue. Really good. Thanks.