PES 2011 Demo Team-changing-tool by hio PES 2011 Demo Team-changing-tool by hio


A little tool to change the teams in friendly-mode to have more than this two possible matches.

Its a tool without GUI but it works and let you choose the 6 Teams in the demo(also Spain and Japan) to play with in freindly-mode. So you can make 15 different matches and not only 2. So you can try how Bayern feels against a weak team or other things like that.


  1. It doesn t work for me…how should i change the teams? i press buttons 5 and 6 ( hoping to play with national teams ) but nothing changes

  2. @HOund, just copy all files in the folder where your pes 2011 demo is. All files from this patch must be in the same folder where pes2011 demo exe is. Then just run pes_hio, choose teams you want to play with and enjoy.