English Commentary for PES 2011 – copy dt00_e.img in your PES 2011 img folder.

+ dt05_e.img = Game menu – Download Here.

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  1. Sure this for PES 2011? eng version net yet avaible !! I bought a french one and the comentator scarry me each time he says a player name ;)

  2. why put this patch on here now as the pes 11 full versuion as not been released yet so this is usleess at the moment and does not even work with the pes 11 demo

    so why do this patch now i ask you why

  3. i imported file into img directory,and now,when i start the game,i get a loading screen(green circle) and thats it.any help ?

    extracted with 7zip.


  4. This has got to be the worst commentators I’ve ever heard. Seriously, the new commentator (Jim Beglin) says about three things per match but that’s probably for the best since it only sounds like he’s on drugs and have no ardour at all in the match that he is pretended to commentate

  5. duds open your eyes there is 4 files with the size of about 100 mb you should download each image will take you to a different part ok so the top 4 boxes labeled (hf download ) is good to go for?

  6. hey can you help me if i download the text then will everything will be in english and is the commentator from the original english version.please say i cant understand a thing n the game its hilarious.

  7. The Links For The English Commentaries are Dead Boss! :(
    I’ve Already Downloaded The File For The English Menu!
    It Works very FIne! Thanks For This!! ;)
    Please Help & Upload The Files For The Commentaries Please! Thanks!

  8. can you upload this files to megaupload please .

    this other site is really slow and 1 download per day i think , thank’

  9. hey fucker…..where is the part 2….give a link or fuck the hell out of here…k….fuck u and your english commentaries…i suggest downloading from other site ….

  10. i download english version by TPTB rip. The commentator saying other team player and not the match team player…is not match with the game play…the game haven’t start yet..like saying 2nd yellow card something like that…is it a bugs or is like that..

  11. so nothing can fix it? or because of rip not so good? PES 2010 rip by skullptura totally no problem., but i download game b4 rip by TPTB is ok….how about a ISO, repack, reloaded version..file size big 5gb+….is it the same problem? if no, i download that version…

    no commentator, no good to play….

  12. Hi mat10,

    Prblem solve…just edit the file dt00_f to dt00_e inside the img folder will be ok…but b4 do just backup that file to other place..in case not work..so no nee to reinstall back the game..but dun why i dwnload english version still need to edit..anyway is ok now

  13. hi sky…

    i facing the same problem with you previously but my version is other langauage other den english. i managed to dl the text menu for english and i DL Dt00.e for the english commentary. but strangly my commentary seem quite wrong as they speaking nt related to my game. anyway i saw ur solution for ur problem on ur last post, but den in my img folder, i doesnt have any dt00.f img file. i appreciate any1 could give me a direct solution. Thanks

  14. got english commentry working but its saying the wrong stuff, ive replaced the french with the english one so its saved as Dt00_f because when i try to add the english menu it makes the game not load Dt05_e Do i need to edit the french menu (Dt05_f) using the english one will that work? at the moment i can play the game but i need English

  15. omg!!! it works..thnx a lot sky..jus download da patch n copy it to the img folder of the game file and accept the replacement..then edit the file dt00_f to dt00_e(rename it)..just play the game n njoy it!! i’ve been tryin hard to get it fixed frm last two months..finally im at peace to play it wid right commentary..thnxxx guys!!!

  16. hey plz someone help me out!!when i copy the dt05 e img to the USRDIR the game freezes at the loading screen!!am i doing sth wrong?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  17. thanks for the wonderful patch…but where is the part 2…??? i cannot extract the file without part 2…..help…

  18. its amazzzzzzziiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggg :D
    works 100%…
    but ya you can download like just 1 file and use it.. no need to download both… :D
    its works :)

  19. I want to change the game language.
    I do not know which language my game is running on but i want to change it to english.
    Please help!!

  20. well, i already running the game, choose the difficulty and then create a data right? then i got error, like saying Avatar online or somethin…can anyone help me solving this? send to my email please :D

  21. When they take the ball from the player he loose focus by not running after the player who took the ball and when the other player is having the ball, they take tym to go after him and when he got the ball he takes time to run it’s lyk he first charge and start running…. it’s big different with PES 2009 when it comes to controlling the players…. is there something I can do abt it?

  22. I still need English commentary and menu for pes 2011…
    And please can you change your links, because your old ones are dead… (Please use one of this download links “datahost share, direct, clicknupload, tusfile or hugesharing..)

  23. I need pes2011 English menu pls…..have been trying to download it from the link above but …

    // fileserve is dead. sorry.

    • So….what do i do now???have lost all players in my team cause i don’t know what dey want cant even buy players too……..please help me if the is a way.Thank you