PESEdit 2010 World Cup Patch Features List:

* Uses Official Konami DLC 1.07 and the included faces and kits
* All correct Squads and Numbers (including the latest changes such as Nani OUT Amorim IN)
* Correct stadia (Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit)
* Vuvuzela sound during matches
* All new menu in glorious yellow and red colours
* Correct World Cup groups when starting the cup
* New World Cup styled flags for all national teams
* Official FIFA Scoreboard with correct teamnames
* New position logos
* New special Soundtrack with African, Football & Summer themed tracks.
* Newest World Cup boots added and assigned to correct players
* (Adidas Predator X Black/Sun, Adidas adiPure III Black/Sun, adidas adiZero all colors, Puma v1.10 Tricks, Puma PowerCat 1.10 Tricks, Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra White/Navy, Nike Elite Range)
* Correct kits for all teams, including many possible combinations to choose from
* Correct Faces for most players + relinked special hairs to edit players for more realism
* Many new faces created by PESEDIT Team especially for this patch!
* Newest Hairstyles for all players
* and more things I forgot…

NOTE: All 5 Parts are required for the PESEdit 2010 World Cup Patch to work correctly !

NOTE: The World Cup Patch works without needing PESEdit 2010 3.4 Patch !

NOTE: If you have PESEdit 2010 Patch 3.4 already installed, download the World Cup Patch,
both patches will work fine !


* Official Konami Patch 1.3


1. Download and install official Konami Patch 1.3
2. Download and install PESEdit 2010 FIFA World Cup Patch

Authors: Pat, RKO, christopher91, Simcut, phillip123

Credits: seujair, Heui, FCH, R4m130, Nathan, Stelios, the Saint, Tottimas, [F4F]Freak, [F4F]$ido, Juce & Robbie for Kitserver, w!Ld@ for his great editor, all kitmakers, all facemakers, WECN for pes2010plus, goldorakiller for his editor, ninuzzu, inside181 (WECN) for Soccer City, ArdA_TuRaN (Aktas Games) for Mbombela Stadium

PES 2010 Cape Town

PES 2010 Durban Stadium

PESEdit 2010 World Cup Patch Menu

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  1. Just a question : the crowd in Soccer city stadium is black ? Normal or positive action ? lol. How to fix it ?

  2. best patch what I ever played, to next version you can add more songs, new turfs and especially new original scoreboard PLS PLS PLS :D awesome patch I´m going to play it :D

  3. PERFECT ….. The songs and soccer rosters ….. CONGRATULATIONS ARE ALL UPDATED BY ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL WORK TEAM PESEDIT ….. I’m enjoying very …

  4. Please upload torrent! I can’t even completely download part1. It says it can’t find the file on the server at 92% complete! :(

  5. great patch…plz upload the fifa scoreboard with flags and names both the next version

  6. i think my dlc is not 1.07,
    i installed wc patch many times,
    but it stil not change to the correct team names,
    before this im uses 3.4 n its working properly,
    help me .

  7. Already mentioned. You need to install World Cup Patch Fix 1.01 after installing this patch. Then only the World Cup stadia will be complete. There is a link up here on this page.

  8. waw…this is great….. thx!!!!!

    but,, how I can to add ball packs????

    i miss play with kopanya,jabulani angola n more… T.T

  9. When I press the shoot button to random teams(in the leagues part), the game closes. How can I resolve this?

  10. See it works well only after I had won was not the real World Cup. And when I start playing in tournaments not in the real World Cup stadiums. How can you change this?

  11. why i can’t play this..please help me!!
    “either the file is damaged or was not correctly installed.please uninstall before installing it again”…what should I do??

  12. why I can not install PES2010Patch103?
    “The upgrade patch can not be installed by the Windows Installer service because blaa3 …………”

  13. If I install this page will it remove any other patches I have on the game? In other words can more than one patch be on the game at once?

  14. You have to go to the PES 2010 folder and run the SMPatch.exe. Then only can play the game. The World Cup teams are all ok. Graphics very good. But there is a problem with the Bundesliga teams. When you select Bayern Munich, it shows like Team N and players like Ribery, Robben are not there. Other than that, very good work.

  15. what can i do if i want to play in leagues,not in cup,but when i enter on the english,italian,french,german league it show dont sent

  16. what can i do if i want to play in leagues not in cup(world cup) but when i enter at all leagues(french,italian……..) it shows DONT SEND

  17. Same as me. It says PESEdit_2010_FIFA_World_Cup_Patch.part2 is corrupted and I cant unzip it. Help pls somebody

  18. When I download part 3, it cant download it, because it stop downloading, I don’t know why. CAn anyone help me???

  19. Garib says:
    18 June 2010 at 2:33 pm I instaled patch and start and it said that d3dx9_37.dll is missing what shoud i do?

    you must download it. you can fint it on internet

  20. can i copy the dtof.img containing in the to application data\….\download?
    can i do that without updating inside the game for the oatch to work?
    sorry of my bad english

    this is my email
    please someone add me
    thanks for all

  21. for bafana bafana:copy the ML and BAL files to MY DOCUMENTS/PESEDIT/WORLD CUP 2010/SAVE/
    and will appear inside the game

  22. guys..i really wanna install this patch.The requirement is I must install PES official patch 1.3…i downloaded that patch but i cant says “The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch.” pls



  25. please somebody help me find need the latest version for official konami patch 1.3.pleaseeee…….helpp me

  26. if u wanna give something to society, pls make it simple yet reliable.
    i tried to dowload via this suck bitch hl and ul, but none works!!
    wat da fuck man|!

  27. absolutely fantastic patch!!!!!!!!!
    i hope u can make all the national teams in this world…
    congratulation and thank you very much pesEdit…

  28. hey guys u can downlaod the konami official patch from the game it self.go to edit > downlaod. and ya u have to login first.

  29. i downlaoded everything and it wont unzipped its keep saying the files are corrubted.
    did anyone tryed this thing?did it worked?

  30. for dahim.i’ve try to download it like you write,but it say dont have any updated to download.have any idea.pleaseeee

  31. i thiink the guys are mixink between the pc games and ps3 games. becaous i tryied it many times on my ps3 and it didn’t work!!!!
    and for alex84722 i wish i had ur problem. coz it work with me at all. And faron i think u mean the official downlaod. And ya there is only one u need its called 1.3. thats the easy part. the one u downlaod it from the game it self. the one which they are talking about is the one that didnt work with me.

  32. if i already installed PESedit patch4.0.
    how can i install this world cup patch?
    do i need to uninstall the current patch and install this patch..?
    or what?

    thanks in advance !

  33. the game felt good at first but it reall doesnt make sense in some features…i mean playing the world cup and the stadium is wembley or in ML you see fifa south africa adboards…but big up to pes edit foor the patch you really put in the work in there the graphics were great…

  34. I have a fifa world cup 2010. When i play world cup 2010 then i play with very enjoy. But when i am coming quter-final then i saw there world cup is not correct. Because it is not there cup what is fifa
    World cup. So How I get world cup.Please say very recently. Thank u very much.