pes 2010 AON - Manchester United Ki Set by mokinglove

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  1. my game crashes everytime i press ”1 or 2” in the kit selection screen… is there something i have to do … or is it my patch.
    can someone please tell me how to fix this???:(

    BTW i have the smoke patch 2.4

  2. TO MICI:first..delete the man utd 10/11 kit folder in the GDB….copy the old man utd 09/10 kit and paste it…then delete the 09/10 kit…copy the 10/11 kit and paste it into the united folder…NOTE!!..DON’T COMBINED 10/11 KIT WITH THE 09/10 KIT…

  3. This is fake they havent showed the new kits. They gonna show the kits in July or something like that Man Utd 4ever

  4. Wish this was new kit but cant se glazers putting green and gold one on sale as it the campain against them

  5. i like the second one but all the others are the worst uniform i have ever seen in my life why did they fire AIG company aaaaghhhh!!!!