* collected 49 boots
* edited bootnames
* edited bootbrands & colordetails
* edited bootpreviews

Credits to all Bootmakers !!!

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fixthis لبيس 2010, how to make all 49 boots of a pes10 bootpack work in game, messi papoutsia 2014 2015, pes shose pack


  1. i installed it, works fine but with one problem: the boots of the other players (my team and other team) are all the same!
    how can i fix this??…

  2. Hi Kralle, I’ve downloaded your wonderful bootpack, I’ve a problem with the brand. I can see only the brand for shoes that were in the game before the firs konami’s upload. I don’t see the brand of the shoes from 36 to 49 and from 25 to 35 i see konami original brand, while in your previews you can see all the brand, why??? How can I solve it?

  3. hi,i know it’s a stupid question but how can i install these boots?(i tried with kitserver but when i open the folder example-root1 and then img i find only one folder(dt0b.img) and nothing else to put the files..

    can anyone help me?

  4. i have a problem i install the boots but i in game have only first 24 boots not have 49 what i to do??????!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  5. please which folder can i putmy downloaded boots in
    dont tell me it would do it by itself because it is not witha patch