– League: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Other Europe
– Current transfers as at 13/12/2009
– A lot of graphical additions (including a real business, coaching staff photos, stadiums)
– New turf and intra for several stadiums
– Integrated chants download
– New faces for many players (Min Polish national team)
– A complete representation of the costumes and clubs
– Logos for all clubs, leagues and cups
– The new ball and shoes
– All teams the Champions League and European League
– New menu
– Audio accessories (eg sound removed dribbling)
– Music during and after the entry of players scored a goal
– Improved graphic display player profiles
– Improved statistics of players
– Attention to detail (boots of players, stadiums, chants)
– Canal + HD scoreboard


  1. hey man, does this patch have all teams of ch.league?
    and german league which league does it replace?
    is there the cyprus national team?

  2. hey, how to instal this patch? i run the instalation and then i get a warning in some funny language….help please…

  3. @Sasori – copy the file in kitserver folder, should be obvious
    @author of this patch – my pes2010 crash when holland vs germany in BAL mode (holland is my nationality).. when play in exhibition its ok..dunno y..

  4. Good patch..but in Champions League-mode my scoreboard is all white with blocks… can anyone help me fix this please… sorry for my bad english

  5. oh and I tried to copy that unnamed_12.bin in the ”Update-Fix CL to Tranceshine Patch 2010 1.4”-map but no succes…

  6. can anybody i mean anybody tell me why when i launch my game ah message stating dat d3dx9_37.dll is could not be found comes up???

  7. i am unable to play master league and become a legend can any one help me plz. patch is excellent but without master league playing pes is hopeless