+ Complete rosters for Italian Serie A, Serie B, Liga, Championship (NEW), Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga e Eredivisie teams..
+ Complete rosters for all other european teams
+ Missing Champion’s League Teams added (Debreceni, Apoel, Maccabi Haifa)
+ Missing FIFA World Cup 2010 Teams added (New Zealand, Algeria) (NEW)
+ Serie B and Championship fully playable (Master, Edit, Exhibition, BAL)
+ Added a lot of new sudamerican teams (Flamengo, Independiente, San Lorenzo, Cruzeiro, Palmeiras, Sao Paulo) (NEW)
+ All transfers
+ All fake renamed and duplicate removed
+ Added more than 1000 new players
+ Updated all formations
+ Added some future stars (Eduardo Salvio, Neymar, Karadeniz, Douglas Costa, Ibarbo, Coutinho, Teixeira, Keirrison, ecc.)
+ Updated a lot of player stats
+ Classic Teams renamed and unlocked (added Pelè, Zico, Platini, Cruijff, Passarella, Falcao, Matthaus,ecc.)
+ Hidden players renamed and unlocked
+ All Teams HD Logos (New national Logos)
+ All Teams Kits and sleeves NEW Kits GDB and sleeves)
+ Geom Graphic & Sound Pack 3.8 (new balls, boots, gloves, adboards, scoreboards, stadiums, sponsors, menu, ecc.)
+ Added more than 200 new faces
+ Works with KONAMI Pes 1.2 official patch and rosters update

How to install :

First you need to update PES 2010 to version 1.02 (optional for the patch, needed to play online)
You can download the official Konami patchs at those links :
Official Patch 1.01
Official Patch 1.02
Install both patches.
Then open the game, GO TO DOWNLOAD AND UPDATE THE ROSTERS (needed).

Now you can install the SMPATCH :

1. Copy PES2010_EDIT.bin and PES2010_OPTION.bin from Option File folder in ‘My Documents/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2010/save’
2. Copy the kitserver folder in the game folder. Then run Manager.exe to install kitserver.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Scoreboard 16:9 :

If you want the 16:9 scoreboard copy the files from the 16-9 Scoreboard folder to their respective kitserver folder overwriting the old files.

360 Controller :
If you want the 360 Controller instead of PS3 one, copy the files from the 360 Controller (choosing beetween 4:3 and 16:9) folder to their respective kitserver folder overwriting the old files.


If you wanna play with a serie B team in master league copy the file of the chosen team from MasterSerieB_Fix or MasterChampionship_fix folder to kitserver folder dt0f.img overwriting the old file. Repeat this process every time you wanna play whith another Serie B team in Master League. Remember, when editing a new master league, that the last 2 slot of second division league are always deleted for the 18 team limit. So you can put all team you want in master in the first 18 slot and anything else in the last 2 slot.


Soulmirror (Patch and OF – staff SM PATCH)
1907bergamo1907 (Kit and Logos – staff SM PATCH)
Geom (Graphics and Sounds Pack – staff SM PATCH)

Juce e Robbie (Kitserver)
Maiers (League HD Logos and some kits GDB)
Tommsen (chants)
Kaynn (some kits GDB)
Grand Bleu (some kits 09/10)
Sammy_k_84 (championship rosters)
Ninuzzu (scoreboard SKY)
N4z (some face relink)
Gianloock (game mini fix)
Poloplo (Gloves)
EPT_LV_PV (Adboards)
DiNo (sleeves)
Brian_jc (kit training nike)
fabioletto79 (Kit referee)
Jacktar (Callname PATO)
Oesick (PS3 Pad + Buttons Graphic)
Borusse92(Real Image Coatch and Trainer)
Th3 Sc0 St1L3R (Tunnel Logos For Intro Scene)
Tottimas (Master League Sponsors)
sabco (Replay logos)
manuel92puccetto (Mini graphic patch)
Sebastian90 (FIFA Club World Cup Logo)
El Pocho and Diablos (HD Logos)
Diego Martiniello (New Sound Effects)


  1. Great Patch, almost perfect!!!!!!!! but unfortunatelly I can’t also play Online, same message “invalid player data found”
    It would be great if this can be repaired with a small fix :-)

  2. manu kit is not quite right(gb number is white and the collar is not black…). how can i fix it??
    (when i delete it from the GDB folder. the problem still exists)

  3. Zafik vobshe was to do with of patchem if version 2.9 SM PATCH was without the of patch of mozh Soulmirror will do a version 3.9 SM PATCH without an of patch by kitties

  4. all added teams dont work…. they have the same players and no logo…. bundesliga isnt working either… PLAYER A1, PLAYER A2

  5. hi ther man , i wonder if your patch is working only for PC or its for Ps3 ? if not please inclode Ronaldo ( prazil ) in the classic , and wish if your patch for Ps3 :)

    thanx man and good working

  6. I heave PES 2010 FullRIP ver 1.00.I haven’t installation patch 1.01 and 1.02 please give my PES2010_EDIT to this patch version 1.00

  7. why Chile has a Bundesliga badge on his right arm ??

    Honduras have 2 southafrica badges

    league and cup logos still the same before the patch (konami original logos )

  8. guys
    in the name of bundesliga it writes erevidisie league and for erevidisie that goes to leagueb does not write erevidisie
    what can i do?

  9. plz someone help me.. i installed both konami patches 1.01 & 1.02 but they seem that they beed a crack.. i wanna get it to install this patch.. who knows how to work this out.. plz tell me.. thanx

  10. Do I have to install the konami patches just to play the game, without online mode? If I install them will it cause any trouble for my version of the game being pirated?

    And does the patch still have the repeated players and free agent players bugs on master league? (like appearing as GK or not renewing their contracts)

    Thanks for the patch anyway soulmirror.