1) All player in team is fully Malaysian Player. (NO MORE SYRIA PLAYER)
2) Corrected most player face.
3) Fix the team jersey.
4) Fix player name in-game
5) Fix many bugs.

(Malaysia Team)
1) Fix Malaysia Flag
2) Easy installer\setup
3) Playable to all PES 2010 version.
4) Fix BUKIT JALIL stadium
5) Many bug fixed
6) Newer version of kitserver used
7) Increased compatibality
8) Fix most player face
9) Fix some player hair
10) Fix jersey
(Complete list) – Updated from the previous version

* 6 new teams (Malawi, Indonesia, Dynamo Moskva, Young Boys Bern, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, Banfield)
* Updated stats for English Premier League and La Liga; top teams from France and Italy
* Updated kits (all new kits for English Premier League, La Liga, some French and Dutch teams and national teams – all organized in GDB)
* Many new faces
* New boots incl. new previews (New Predators, F50 i Green, Nike MV Superfly Yellow, Puma v1.10i Yellow, Nike Tiempo Legend III Black-White, adiPure II Red-White and White-Black, Nike T90 Laser III Green; also Lotto, Reebok and Mizuno boots – assigned to the correct players)
* Updated 2. Bundesliga player appearence, accesories and kit style
* Fixed kits for Hearts, Zürich, Guniea, Mali, Nigeria & Syria
* New kits for Argentina, Brazil


1) If you already installed the previous version of this patch or you are now using kitserver for your PES 2010, please delete the kitserver folder first from your PES 2010 directory before installing this.
2) Download the PES 2010 Patch 2.0 + Malaysian Team (By Bunkboyz) from here
3) Install it.
4) Run the manager shortcut from your desktop and click on attach (Wait for it, sometime it’ll appear not responding. You have to wait for it to finish)
5) After that, you’ll get message of your successfully attached. Now, download the DATA PATCH from here
6) Now, you can enjoy playing your PES 2010


PES 2010 Patch 2.0 + Malaysian Team + PES 2010 Patch 2.1

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  1. Good work aman.. ur the best, juz some suggestion.. can include malaysia team in pesedit patch 1.4 the next updated.. may be can cooperate with team pesedit patch.. thank you in advance.. malaysia boleh..

  2. yahhhh… bangga aku ada gak org malaysia wat patch team malaysia dlm game pes 2010 nih….. tp aku tgok screen shot team malaysia nih mcm terlebih power jakkk…. ability c shukor adan tuh hampr2 mcm steven gerrard jak…. apa2 pun TQ sbb wat patch nihh…… MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!

  3. Proud in game.. hehehe.. malaysia win in asian cup.. btw.. masukkan team malaysia kat pesedit patch 1.4 k.. Malaysia boleh..

  4. kalau ak download “PES 2010 Patch 2.1 + Malaysian Team by Bunkboyz” ni mmg ad la malaysia ek?? trus leh maen?? atau ad pape ag yg prlu ak download??