* Copy the kitserver to your instalation game in C/program files/konami/pro evolution soccer 2010/and install from file setup.
* Copy the files from folder save to your folder save in My docoments/konami/pro evolution soccer 2010/save/.

* Coming soon Part 5

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  1. hey leo, can i use this patch without patch the before version of this patch?arehere there is new stadium? what is the new team?

  2. For everyone:Yes all you can use this patch without another patches.But instalation have to be clean,all you have to delate old patches befor to install New Wave.Part 5 will be little bit different,in part 5 i will made all Players with small writen names:ROBIN VAN PERSIE will be Robin Van Persie,and all like that.Team names too.I will put inside Part 5 too Championship for Master League,and GDB folder Championship.

  3. Thanx for Wave 4 Leo!!!
    Are you sure Kitserver should be installed with setup.exe, because it can also with manager.exe (for the higher Kitserver versions)?

  4. I mean: do I have to use manager.exe (new one in Kitserver) or setup.exe. I don’t know the difference, I only know that in the last Kitserver versions, Juce recommended to use manager.exe to attach Kitserver to pes2010.exe

  5. If I want to play Online, first I have to unattached the kitserver, because the message is “Invalid player data found”…..why is that and will this be fixed in your next release?

  6. Hoho, don’t get pissed off!!! I know yours is not Online, but I was just asking you why it isn’t now and will it be Online too in the future…
    Some patches are also Online, so I’m just curious why your patches aren’t. Respect!!!

  7. Leo…
    The name of a lot of players are incorrect (USA, Costa Rica, Mexico…where the players of the Bundesliga ???) and some uniforms…..
    My instalation was clean.. hehe.