All National Teams in The World Patch by Tottimas & Boca

All National Teams in The World Patch by Tottimas & Boca


Over 200 National Teams with 99% correct lineups and kits (Konami made teams are mostly left intact)
New FIFA style graphics and FIFA scoreboard
New intro (by Maremas)
Over 120 new player faces
New balls
New grass textures for most of the stadiums
PS3 buttons instead Xbox 360
All ingame languages are suported, all teams have correct names in all the languages
Added new nationalities, all teams now have players with correct nationality

When playing cups you will get a team named ERROR, replace that team with any other team or your game will crash if you try to play (Picture number 3).


0. As always patch has it’s own exe file so you can install it without worrying about other patches that you have or the original PES.

1. Install “ANTpatch2010.exe” where you installed PES2010 (usualy in “Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010″), it is important to install it in there or the patch might not work. (Picture number 1).

2. Install “ANT2010save.exe” where your original save folder is (on Windows XP it is “Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010″) (Picture number 2).

3. For users with wide screen monitor only, copy files from folder “antserver\ant\img\16-9″ to folder “antserver\ant\img\dt06.img”

4. To uninstall the patch just delete folder antserver and ANT 2010.exe file

CREDITS (full credits in README file in the patch):

Boca (BIH)
Tottimas (Serbia)

Amir (Iran)
Zdravoumartini (Serbia)
Mracho (Czech Republic)
Herceg playa (BIH)
Waqqas (Pakistan)
KF Vllaznia (Albania)

Special thanks to:
Juce & Robbie

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