Game Version: PAL BLES00689
File Version: 0.6

[How to]:

– Using Winrar unpack folder into a usb pen. Main folder inside the usb pen will be “PS3\” and will contain folder \SAVEDATA\BLES00689EEDIT\
– Connect your usb pen to a free usb port of your Playstation 3
– Open the Playstation 3 Main Menu and go to GAME – SAVED DATA UTILITY – USB
– Press /\ Button over all PES 2010 files inside your usb drive and select COPY overwriting existing ones.
– Play

– All Non Licensed National Players corrected 100%
– All Non Licensed Club Names corrected 100%
– Secret Players unlocked and corrected 50%
– Official Flags for all teams
– Official Kits for all Club Teams 3%
– Official Sponsors for all club Teams Soon
– Database Update Season 2009-2010 Soon
– New Teams 2%
– New choruses Soon


ver. 0.6
Original Flags for All English and Spanish Non licensed teams
Updated Kits for Arsenal, Aston Villa, Birmingham (all versions).
Sponsored test for Arsenal
Original Flags for New Teams

ver. 0.5
Corrected and relinked ALL names for Asiatic players.
5 groups of Hidden players unlocked and corrected.

ver. 0.4
Corrected and relinked ALL names for American players.
Corrected names for Cups and Leagues.

ver. 0.3
Corrected and relinked ALL names for AFrican players.
Fixed uckraina player name.

ver. 0.2
Corrected and relinked ALL names for European players.

ver. 0.1
Corrected Names for all Clubs.
Corrected Names for all non licensed Stadiums
Arsenal Home Kit corrected

Made by
WEndetta Team 2009/2010

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