How to install a patch using AFS Explorer – Tutorial by andrecr7

How to install a patch using AFS Explorer – Tutorial by andrecr7

This is for all those who had problems with the Kits not showing ingame…  Well anyway time for business.

This is what i did…  i used AFS EXPLORER 3.7.1


I used the patch: EPL+La Liga+Serie A Relink Kits v.1.2 by Grand Bleu

AFS can be downloaded from here: PES 2010 AFS Map + GGS Guide

Before you follow by step-by-step install guide, make sure you already have AFS and you have extracted the files from the patch to your desktop, to make things easier

Step-by-step install guide:

– Open AFS
– click on file/import AFS file
– look for C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\img and then select dt0c.img (an option will come up, click on NO)
– now click on action, import folder, and you will import the dt0c.img folder from the patch
– another option will come up, this time please click on YES
– then it will ask you to save, name the file dt0c.img1, after this it will start building
– another option yet again, click on NO
– Not far now! open up My Computer, then go to C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\img, you should see there 2 files called dt0c.img and dt0c.img1, what you will do is Delete the file called dt0c.img and rename the file dt0c.img1 to dt0c.img
– Lastly look for the files you have extracted from the patch to your desktop, you should have a folder there called Save. Copy the file inside it to My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\save
– You can close AFS Explorer now and play PES2010 with all the kits!

This method applies for importing different stuff like balls, etc.

Credits to boonaun for helping me install the patch successfully.

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