[PC] Bundesliga Patch 2009/10 Download – Full Bundesliga 1 and 2 Plus UEFA CL 09/10

Bundesliga Features
– All 18 1. Bundesliga Club Teams For 2009/10 Season
– All 18 2. Bundesliga Club Teams For 2009/10 Season
– Up To Date 2009/10 Transfers With Correct Player Numbers (06.09.2009)
– New 2009/10 Kits
– 64×64 and 128×128 HD Logos For All Teams
– All Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga Club GDB Kits
– Correct League Names & Emblems
– Bundesliga Adboards
– Up To Date Transfers & Formations with Accurate Player Numbers
– All Bundesliga Players With Proper Stats
– Faces Relink
– Correct Fan Colors
– Support German Master League

Other Features
– Promoted Teams For 2009/10 Season Including EPL,Ligue 1,Serie A,La Liga
– New 2009/10 Kits
– Up To Date 2009/10 Transfers For All Leagues With Correct Player Numbers
– All 32 UEFA Champions League 2009/10 Teams
– Fully Compatible With Patch 1.20 With Download Content
– 64×64 and 128×128 HD Logos For All Teams
– More than 600 Faces
– GDB Kits For All Teams
– Formation Update
– Updated Player Stats & Appearances Mainly From EPL
– Real Name For All Players & Teams Including Classics Teams
– Real Name For All Competition
– Missing Players Created And Added To Their Teams
– New Adboards
– New Replay Logos
– New Bootpack With Preview
– New Ballpack With Preview
– New GK Gloves
– Premiere Scoreboard
– World Soccer Menu (Support 16:9 Screens)
– Real Cups & Logos For Become a Legend
– New Competition Logos
– New Player Position Graphic
– New Referee Kits
– Correct Fan Colors
– Support All 6 Languages
– New Staiums with HD Previews
– Fan Flags Patch
– Support Tommsen Chantpack (Edit Version)
– Extra Team Patch 3.0 Integrated with Real Player Names for all 16 New National Teams

Delete All The Patch You Have Installed Before To Avoid Bugs!
1. Patch the game to version 1.20 then go to System Settings and press Download
2. Extract the patch file
3. Copy kiterver folder to where you installed PES 2009 (Default is C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2009)
4. Go to your kitserver folder and run setup.exe then press Install
5. Copy save folder to My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
6. Enjoy!!

Download links including:
Main Patch + Stadium Pack
Custom Chants (Tommsen Chantpack Edit Version Required) + Tommsen Chantpack Edit Version


With Special Thanks To
Kitserver – Juce and Robbie
Kits – All Kitmakers
OF – brgm_cro, IBK Patch, PAC-Patch
Faces – All Facemakers
Graphics – icy-ice, alan_petrin, foreveryp, Arquero7171, Hawke, ilias, mod@y, Gorbstar, Tiffosi, FCH, osceanx, Pro_kicker, Eleanor, Distribution
Boots – All Bootmakers
Balls – Bendit, SG Crocco ,Neoth and arctic-monkey
Stadiums – All Stadium Makers & Converters
Banners – tyouto, mexican Traveller, Geißboch23
Tools – goldorakiller, mosu90, WECN, w!ld@
Chants – gigimarulla Tommsen

Stadium List:

Full Screenshot Gallery with 32 images:



Welcome to the installation guide of BuliPatch v4.0 Season 09/10 by – rko and eulinho.

First of all it is important that you patch PES 09 to version 1.2. Should you be already up to Version 1.4, install new PES 09!

1. In addition first, patch to the official Konami Patch 1.2.
Here’s a link: http://dl.konami-europe.net/dd7c08978a0342226b00bd6707a06741/PES2009Patch120.zip

2. Then you download the following file: http://rapidshare.com/files/177828571/cv0f.7z

3. Copy this in the following path (ATTENTION in addition check the Windows Explorer, in extras/file options, that the hook is set for show hidden files):

Windows XP
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All users \ application data \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 \
C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro evolution Soccer 2009 \ to download \

If the path doesn’t exist, write it in manual! Important is that there is no file in download itself, except this file.

Now we come to the installation of the BuliPatch v4.0.

1. Delete all old Patches and files
2. Unpack BuLi-Patch_v4.0 Season 09_10
3. Start the Kitserver.exe and select the PES 2009 mainfolder (not in Konami folder)
4. Copy the save folder into own files \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 \
5. Extract Menu.7z, select the Size you want and copy the Folder img into Kitserver Folder
6. Go to the Kitserver Folder, start setup.exe and install the kit server (message comes if it is successful)
7. The play starts and have fun.

P.S.: If you want to have chants and beautiful stadiums, use the separate packages.

Incredible fun wish you – rko and eulinho


Herzlich Willkommen zur Installationsanleitung des BuliPatch v4.0 Season 09/10 by -rko- and eulinho

Zunächst einmal ist es wichtig, dass Ihr darauf achtet PES 09 zu Version 1.2 zu patchen. Solltet Ihr bereits auf Version 1.4 gepatcht haben, installiert PES 09 neu!

1. Dazu ladet euch zunächst den offiziellen Konami Patch herunter und patcht PES.
Hier ein Link:

2. Dann ladet Ihr euch folgende Datei herunter:

3. Diese kopiert Ihr in folgenden Pfad (ACHTUNG dazu vorher im Win Explorer, unter Extras/Ordneroptionen, den Haken bei Versteckte Dateien Anzeigen setzen):

Windows XP
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Anwendungsdaten\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2009\download
C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2009\download\

Wenn der Pfad nicht existiert erstellt in Manuell! Wichtig im Ordner download darf sich nur diese Datei befinden.

Erst dann kommen wir zur Installation des BuliPatch v4.0.

1. Löscht alle alten Patches und Dateien
2. Entpackt BuLi-Patch_v4.0 Season 09_10
3. Führt Kitserver.exe aus und wählt das PES 2009 Hauptverzeichnis (Nicht in den Konami Ordner)
4. Kopiert den save Ordner in Eigene Dateien\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2009\
5. Entpackt Menu.7z, dann einfach Größe auswählen und den Ordner img in den Kitserver kopieren
6. Geht zum Kitserver Ordner und führt setup.exe aus und installiert den Kitserver (Meldung kommr wenns erfolgreich war)
7. Startet das Spiel und habt Spass.

P.S.: Wenn ihr Fangesänge und schöne Stadien haben wollt, zieht euch die gesonderten Pakete.

Viel Spass wünschen euch -rko- und eulinho

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  1. the patch is beautiful , well done .
    but can you see if there is a problem with Edit_01 file in save folder pleeeeeeeez . can check that pleeez . coz I have some problem whith it as I try to load it to pes 2009 game .
    thank you again and I hope you continue with Bundes Liga patches coz I love Bundes Liga so much .

  2. i will download update transfer summer 2009 but i’m confused method download.
    my PES 2009 versi 1.0
    i’m from indonesia.

    if my english false, i’m sorry.

  3. Thanks for a patch excellent has quitted!
    But when I put customisations in kitserver 1280-1024 during a match lags in the middle of the field or at attack of players what will advise to make to correct it?

  4. can somebody help me?
    i´m trying to install this patch but i dont understand.
    i already unpacked the patch and did the kitserver in the pes 2009 folder.
    but then i should copy the save folder into own files, but what is the SAVE FOLDER?????????
    Then i should extract “Menu.7z” and select the Size. But what is the Menu.7z folder? where can i find them?
    And where can i couse a size?
    then i should copy the img folder. what is the img folder an where can i find them?

    maybe some of u could help me, please.

  5. Hello!

    I´m from Mexico and I beg for the bundesliga patch v4.0 option file, I already downloaded the patch and I already install it I have my PES 2009 upgrade to the 1.2 version and I already download the 1.4 version from the game, and when I put the Option File in the save folder and I start the game when it a question´s me that I want to overwrite the Option File, I accept and the game it´s the same like before.

    I already install the kitserver

    I already put the Option File in the Save Folder

    I already upgrade the game to the version 1.2 and then download the 1.4 from the game.

    I want the answer, please.

    This is a beautifull patch. I´m desesperate.


    P.D. Sorry for my english

  6. cmon same for me,EDIT file not working whats wrong ??all teams same players no bundesliga ,nothing it frustrates me ,i i downloaded this for 20h and noones answerin to us,,,WE NEED EDIT AND OPTION FILE ,,,cmonnn

  7. after i install patch then if i want to do exhibition game then after it has loaded, game crashes. it not only with exhibition mode. can somebody help!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i cant extract the patch because they say dianostic message and there ment to be files corrupted and i can find the setup.exe from the patch please could somebody help me

  9. those who have problems with the option file should download the official konami patch 1.3 and play with the icon of PES 2010 and not the 09 one because the option file don’t work on it

  10. I did all that, i found the Bundsliga, but it is named Bundsliga 2, in addition, teams does not have player names, all i can see in Bayren Munich for example is player 1 player 2 player 3 and so on. Original Bundsliga contains Netherland teams like Ajax..
    Finally, team transferes are not till Sept 2009. for example, Eto’ is still in Barcelona ?!

    Did i do anything wrong ?

  11. where the hell is the uploader?????
    I’m also having the same problem as Bashar.
    The 2009/2010 transfers are also not done >.>

  12. Ich habe das problem, dass ich nun zwar die orginal manschaften habe, mir aber die richtigen Trikots und die richtigen wappen fehlen. Ausserdem hab ich nur 8 Stadien, obwohl ich auch den Stadionpatch installiert habe. Kann mir wer helfen?