1. Install the patch in your “Pro Evolution Soccer 2009” folder (usualy in “C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2009”)
2. Adjust the settings as you want (JSL Settings)
3. Start the game via a shortcut on your desktop (JSL PES 2009)

NOTE: If you used a previous version of JSL, during installation of version 2.0 the old version will be deleted. Saved goals, formations, BAL, ML … files will stay.


– All 12 teams from Jelen Super Liga + 8 from lower divisions – inserted instead Eredivisie
– Bundesliga inserted instead Ligue 1
– The best French and Dutch teams transferred to section UEFA
– All teams from the Champions League, placed in the selection of CL, all have a uniform with the logo of LS
– All teams from the UEFA League placed in section UEFA (except of course the English, Italian and Spanish Teams)
– Increased number of national teams from 60 to 83 (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia, among others).

– Chants for 8 clubs from JSL
– Faces for several of our players
– New kits for referees (as those from JSL)
– 5 Serbian stadiums
– Special adboards for JSL
– RTS graphics during match
– New intro when entering the game
– New look of the game / menu adapted JSL motifs

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  1. whats wrong with this patch ?? why shows me DUMMY instead of players ??? and nothing new ?? neighter clubs or players ?? please help me with this

  2. Kako da namestim da ne moram swaki put da prebacujem na igraca kome ide lopta,jel onda u sustini kom igra sa 10 igraca a ja sa 1!!!!!plssss pomognite!!!!!

  3. E moj bane …First set the Folders from your pes2009 game as they where at
    the beginning from your random insallation . Then try to Patch it Again ….
    Srecno Brate ;-)

  4. Ovako skinuo sam vas patch….I instalirao sve se u redu pokrene,e sad odem tamo u JSL i da vidim koje klubovi su tu i ima sve zvezda ali stoje smao grbovi a ispod njih pise sasvim druga imena klubova i ta imena klubova sto psie ispod grbova to su njihovi igraci….Npr vOJVODINA PISE hELSINKI A GRB JE VOJVODINE I KAD udjem u vojvodinu nisu igraci vojvodine vec igraci helsinkija….Zasto je to tako ako moze nekod a mi pomogne kako to da sredim??? Skidao sam cak i update edit team i nece….Hvala