DKZ Studio v0.91b

DKZ Studio v0.91b

Those of you with DkZ Studio v0.92b Build 30/03/06 UNINSTALL IT & reboot PC,
this also applies to any other version of DkZ Studio installed except v0.91b.

To obtain v0.92b Build 01/06/06 requires DkZ Studio v0.91b.

Download v0.91b (download link below) and install, follow setup instructions.

Run DkZ Studio v0.91b, if you are online & tool is not firewalled
an update window should appear with info on the new 01/06/06,
If it does not appear press the F12 key. In window click
Download button. Once done click Install button.
Follow setup instructions.

If all ok DkZ Studio v0.92b Build 01/06/06 should be fully working.
NOTE: for english language you still require KM’s translation.

How to apply english translation
If DKZ Studio is running, close it.
Copy english.dsl file and Paste it into the language folder in
DKZ Studio’s install directory, usually; C:\Program Files\DkZ Studio\Language
Run DKZ Studio and press the F5 key (or click ‘Configuracion’ tab).
A new window opens, click Idiomas (left side, 2nd button).
In centre-right box window select & click English v0.8.
To save selected option click Guardar button, a message box pops up;

…you need to restart DKZ Studio for changes to take effect…click ‘Yes’.

Done! DKZ Studio will restart automatically and in English.

An utilities which include a few tools, one of the tool is to custom your own MP3s into song pack for your PES2009 etc.
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