The moment many fans have been waiting for, the WENB OF is finally here!

First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to Carl Brooks for all the work he’s done on it. Fantastic stuff.

Ok let’s get into the info. To start with here’s the download links:





Now for the tutorial:

First of all, you will need a version of WinRAR to extract the folder from the .rar file that you download. If you dont have WinRAR click this link to get it. (choose your language under the ‘localised WinRAR versions’ header)

Once you have extracted the file you should have a folder that is simply called PS3. Now simply drag that folder onto a usb memory stick. Once that is done insert the usb memory stick into your PS3.

Now, watch this video for the rest of the tutorial:

And that’s it!

It’s important to remind all the viewers that this OF was only created to make sure all unlicensed English and Spanish teams has their real life kits and team names. Therefore this OF does not include updated squads. This is mainly due to the fact the OF was created to work in conjunction with the update Konami is set to release in November. Once the update hits we will be updating the OF to include Bundesliga and International team. Right now we don’t know how this update will affect someone’s OF, so its a case of wait and see.

Don’t forget, if you did want an OF with updated squads but without the correct kits and emblems the you can download my other OF here.

OK guys that’s it for the OF for now, lets wait until Konami release the update for version 2!

Until then, ENJOY!

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