More details on whats getting/been edited:
Premiership transfers: Yes
Premiership Emblems: Yes
Premiership Strips: Yes

SPL Player names: Yes
SPL Squad numbers: Yes
SPL Squad Formations: Yes
SPL Emblems: Yes
SPL Player Faces: Partially done. This relies on good pictures of the players and unfortunately teams like aberdeen, hibs, hearts, nverness and st mirren have little good player picures available. The current real face count is at 60.
SPL Player likenesses: Yes, every effort as been made to try and get the players general likeness up to scratch. This includes player height, hair colour, skin colour, strong foot and boot colour.
SPL Strips: Yes. Home, away and both keeper kits.
SPL Player Stats: Yes, as decent an interpretation as is possible. If a player in the SPL is fast, he’s fast. This will be represented in the file. What SPL players are marked down on are their defence, attack, passsing and finishing abilites. This is to stop players like Billy Mehmet becoming a world class player on Master league. Taking the teams thats stats have been done, i simulated many cup tournaments to see how they performed against premiership opposition. Results seemed fair, Chelsea 5-0 Motherwell, Rangers 1-0 Middlesbrough, Arsenal 6-1 Falkirk, Aberdeen 1-0 Dundee united, Hamilton accies 3-1 Bolton. That last one seemed like a freak score as hamilton have one of the lowest stats in the game.

It’s geared towards using in MASTER LEAGUE so the spl teams are in the la liga section and other leagues A. So your Master League will contain; Premiership(Div 1) SPL(Div 2) then Ligue 1, Serie A, and the 4th League will be a mix of Eredivisie, La Liga and Other leagues A.

The “Spanish League” section has been renamed and now contains the following;
Aberdeen, Athletic Club, Barcelona, Dundee United, Deportivo La Coruna, Espanyol, Falkirk, Hamilton, Hearts, Athletico Madrid*, Real Madrid, Hibernian, Mallorca, Inverness, Kilmarnock, Racing Club de Santander*, Sevilla*, Valencia, Valladolid*, Villareal.

*team will be officially patched by Konami.

Motherwell and St Mirren will take over PES and WE united.


Mirror 1: SPL Option file malf1985.rar – 7.09MB
Mirror 2:…f1985.rar.html
Mirror 3:…/fileinfo.html

Installation instructions.
1. Download the above file and unzip it to a memorable place on your computer.
2.Put your USB stick into your computer and copy over the PS3 folder. The file structure should be; Removable disk G:/PS3—-SAVEDATA—- BLES2…………
3. With all the files on your usb stick, put the stick into your PS3.
NOTE: If you want this as your secondary option file, create a new user on your ps3 and you can use this user if you want a shot of the SPL and your original user if you want another edited option file.
4. Before loading up PES, scroll along to the GAME section on your ps3 and press up to go to SAVED DATA UTILITY
. Press X and you should see your usb stick. Press x to go into it and you’ll see all the files contained in the option file.
5. Now you need to copy these to ps3. Press triangle on one of the files and click on copy. You’ll need to do this for every individual file, and bearing in mind there are 167 files, this might take a good 10/15 minutes, (although thats nothing compared to 27.05.11 hours making the thing!)

6. Load up PES and play!

Just a wee note, the majority of SPL teams are in the section where the La Liga teams are. Motherwell, St Mirren Rangers and Celtic are in Other Leagues A

P.S. sorry about the size of the file. It’s 40 mb which actually shocked me. It the first version, so naturally there will be some mistakes. V2 will improve on any major ones.

If you download this file, like it and recognize the amount of time and effort put into it, then if you want to show your appreciation you can make a paypal donation of any amount you want…tton_id=658955

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