PES 2009 Controls-Center (Tricks, Moves, Tactics) for PS2

PES 2009 Controls-Center (Tricks, Moves, Tactics) for PS2

By Pro_too

A lot of controls have been changed in pes 2009. so i wanna ask you pes fans to collect them all in here, moves, tricks, tactics, everything. i will put them all together later on, for better reading.

RS = right stick
LS = left stick
all moves can also be done using the d-pad

LS – moves the player (normal speed)
R1 + LS – fast running
R2 + LS – slow moving

RS – manual ground pass
L1 + RS – manual high pass

LS 360 degree – Marseille-Roulette (some players do it with 2 feet)
back and immediately forward – lifts the ball up a little
hold R2 + double tap in opposite direction you are facing – drag back move

Drag back on this now is while holding R2, “double tap” the opposite direction to where the player is facing.

LS 360 degree – Marseille-Roulette

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