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You can edit your legend save file with this tool.
This tool reqires .net framework 3.5
Make backup your files before editing.

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  1. I got my player lost his first position as WF when I use this stuff.
    how can it be?
    i need some help down here…
    sorry for my english. :)

  2. You mean to tell me you put all the effort in creating this program, possibly spent twice as long testing and debugging it and you didn’t even notice that it removes the players position?
    Same applies to the comments above, I mean only 1 out of 5 noticed? Really?
    I am very disappointed, this might even be the only working BL editor that doesn’t just ruin the save file and now I cant even use this one.

  3. is there a way to make a version using framework 2.0 please.

    and i have noticed that the creator of this program has never replied to these threads.

  4. it works, but it sucks for me, cause having all those states pumped up will kill the joy of it! i mean whats the point then, believe me if u want to feel the good of it dont use it, i only wanted to change the condition from 4 to 6, but it is not possible with this tool,,,,

  5. I can’t make it work, it just sit there empty… how do i load a “BAL save file”? nex time add a instructions.txt if you are gona make it hard to use.