Become a Legend” and “Legend Modes” A whole new experience, but so quintessentially PES! The most notable difference between these new modes to those already existing in the game are that they are focused on just the one player and not the team as a whole. New camera angles have been introduced to accomodate them and this further immerses you in the mindset of your alter ego standing on the in-game pitch. Simply put, it is a Master League mode which you play solo where your objectives will be to play through the eyes of one professional footballer who tries to get his shot at the big leagues and then through development and playing experience to grab that chance to play for some of the biggest clubs in the world. Our intentions are to bring a whole new gaming experience to this already successful formula and to do that we needed to make use of what we define as the core that makes “PES” which is the “Soccer Game Engine”. This allows the other 10 players on the team to act as if each one has a vision and a gameplan all of their own. So, linking up with these AI players in creating that decicive attack which results in a match winning goal should award the player with a completely different sense of elation as opposed to when every move was a result of his or her own work. What we mean here by a new gaming experience is that of achievement through teamwork much like in the real beautiful game where you can pull off a move through a telepathic understanding with your teammate, or feeling that giving your all for the team has been awarded… What about threading that pass that wins you the trust of your teammates? This is so much more than just winning and losing. Hence the line “PES Unites”. “Become a Legend” mode is also online compatible. You can take players you have developed through playing “Become a Legend” onto the online battle ground that is “Legends Mode”. Here you can play along with up to 4 such players and with 3 other human players on your side, the feeling of working towards a common goal and understanding the thinking of others become that much more real. “Become a Legend Mode” This is essentially, a Solo Master League Mode. As you can focus all your efforts on controlling just the one player, it may be suitable for relative beginners who could have problems with trying to track the movements of all 11 players initially. For those who are familiar with this series we aim to provide them with an experience even closer to playing the beautiful game themselves as they delve in the sense of achievement and elation of their in-game alter ego. The Gameplay flowchart: 1) Create your player Set name, nationality, stronger foot, position, height, weight and appearance. 2) The Scout Match This is the chance to earn your dream ticket. Play in a game between 2 amateur league sides and impress the scouts. After the game offers will come in from multiple clubs and you will get to choose your very first professional club. 3) Player Development You probably won’t be given too many run-outs in the period immediately after your debut, so your immediate aim should be to play well during matches in training. This will lead to a place in the squad and eventually, the starting line-up. Players will gain more experience and develop quicker the better they perform, but you can also set up your strengthening points in order to focus on certain areas of your game which you want to improve so you can tailor your player towards a certain playing style. 4) Player Transfers Through gaining playing experience, you may end up receiving more offers on the table from other clubs. Winning titles such as League MVP or Top Scorer can land you offers from leading clubs or earn you call ups to your national team. This can earn you titles unique to the international scene as well as offers from clubs abroad. 5) Retirement from football The game starts when the player is just aged 17 and as each season goes by he will age. You can announce your retirement at any point in the game after you reach the age of 27 and at 35 you will be forced to retire. The main objective will be to win as many honours and accolades in your career as a professional footballer. “New Features” added to enhance gameplay 1) New Camera angle: A new camera angle made specifically for “Become a Legend” has been added. This will enable the player to easily grasp the positions of players, the ball, the opposition goal and finally the overall team formation. 2) The offside Icon: If a player is in an offside position, an icon in the shape of an offside flag is displayed above him. 3) Fastforwarding: You can fast forward matches when you are on the bench and the speed can be controlled in-game, thus cutting any waiting time until you get the nod to come on. 4) Auto Move: Press L1 to get the CPU to control your player’s position. If you are unsure where to go on the pitch, just use this button initially to get a grasp. Legends Mode The players you developed through playing “Become a Legend” can be used in co-op games with any player in the same region. The concept of “Legends” is to shift the focus of play from just winning and losing to that of connecting players. Experiencing the joys of being able to share a common vision or building trust between teammates in the spirit of cooperation and teamplay in a way to reflect as much of the elements of the real game are the key objectives to playing it. Up to 4 players can join 1 team. You can through the use of both preset chat and voice chat communicate with them to combine effectively in coordinating any moves. All combination play is assessed and a score will be given after each one to show just how well you worked as a team. The general rule is the more you link up, the better your score and a “Combination” score will give a tangible indication of how well a move was coordinated. Movements including dribbling, passing, shooting, creating space and getting behind the opposition defence will be taken into consideration when working out your score.

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